Huge Apologies!

It has been a really long time since I posted. I am going to explain why as briefly as I can as I am borrowing a friend's internet.

1. Blogger only allows you to upload so many photos before it insists that you pay a few pounds yearly to upload more. It's not much money but I object. It's not like they are actually doing anything for the money. So before posting more pictures I have to go back to earlier posts and delete photos. That's OK, this is not meant to be a permanent thing, like life, it is fleeting and ephemeral. Before I got around to doing this, the following happened...

2. My father had a heart attack and although discharged from hospital a week later, a persistent chest infection lingered causing concern and prompting a visit to the north of Scotland. Update - he has recovered and all is well.

3. Steve went back to the UK to visit his mother and help her sort out some important family stuff. I stayed behind to look after finca and animals.

4. Before going back to the UK Steve decided we were paying our internet provider too much and he found a better deal. The result was that our internet was cut off and our new provider kept cancelling our order because we do not have a street name or house number. Three weeks and several difficult phone calls in Spanish (Movistars English speakers appear to be non existent in spite of what their website says) established that their system is unable to take our order because of our lack of address details.

So. A month with no internet and a new provider has been found but remains to be seen how quick or easy it will be.  Once we are connected I will get all those old photos deleted and will be back to regular posts keeping you all updated with all our news. None of which is astounding but may pass a few minutes with a cup of coffee.

Dear reader... Thank you for your patience. Life is like this sometimes. Hopefully normal service is resumed soon!


  1. Hi Jane and Steve!

    First of all, you have absolutely no reason to apologise, certainly not as far as little old me is concerned. I very much enjoy all that you post and we thank you, as true Extremadura fans, for giving us an insight into life in that wonderful land, thank you!

    Sometimes, for each and every one of us, life gets in the way, and even though I was not aware of the Blogger restriction on images (probably because I have used WordPress for my blogs!), the rest is just life and something all of us will endure, to one degree or another.

    We are very sorry to hear of your father's ills, but pleased to know that he has recovered.

    As for the internet and service providers, I am sure we have all been through those traumas, although probably not all of us in Spanish... we hope you resolve this very soon and resume 'normal' service when you can. Absolutely no pressure and looking forward to it here in, currently sunny, but very cold rural Cambridgeshire!

    Thank you for entertaining and informing us, the both of you, we love your life and are living vicariously our desire to emulate you one day...


    V... x x


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