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Huge Apologies!

It has been a really long time since I posted. I am going to explain why as briefly as I can as I am borrowing a friend's internet.

1. Blogger only allows you to upload so many photos before it insists that you pay a few pounds yearly to upload more. It's not much money but I object. It's not like they are actually doing anything for the money. So before posting more pictures I have to go back to earlier posts and delete photos. That's OK, this is not meant to be a permanent thing, like life, it is fleeting and ephemeral. Before I got around to doing this, the following happened...

2. My father had a heart attack and although discharged from hospital a week later, a persistent chest infection lingered causing concern and prompting a visit to the north of Scotland. Update - he has recovered and all is well.

3. Steve went back to the UK to visit his mother and help her sort out some important family stuff. I stayed behind to look after finca and animals.

4. Before going …