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A Monster of a Week

Spinzilla ran from the 3rd of October until the 9th October.  This is the spinning competition for charity.  The goal was to spin a mile or more during the week.  I had no idea how much I could spin, whether a mile was a long way, it seemed like it might be, or not.  At any rate I wanted to try. I joined a team which was loosely based in the States with one member in Canada and me over here in Spain being the only foreigners.  Team Heavenly Handspinning.  When I joined I didn't realise that most of them were using what is called an e-spinner.  that is an electric spinning machine that means you don't have to use your feet to treadle, which is a brilliant idea, especially if you are unable to use your feet or are perhaps disabled in some way... or just plain looking for an easier spin.  After a few days at the wheel I was starting to see the advantage. I averaged about 12 hours a day on the wheel.  No point in doing this if I wasn't serious right?  Steve handled a