Oft Made Plans!

Ah well, you all know the scenario, you make plans, everything is on track and then bam! Something happens, you have to drop everything and then you are playing catch-up to get back to where you were.

It might officially be autumn but we are having a heatwave here. For the last few days we have had the hottest temperatures this summer. This has been very uncomfortable. The kittens both had their ops (neutered - I never know the correct term for both boys and girls, we always say we are getting them 'done') . Clyde was understandably cheesed off for about a day but then was his usual self. Bonnie had to wear a trumpet and was kept confined to a cage for the first two days.  she was most upset.

Clyde was so bereft at his sisters confinement that he took to sleeping on top of the cage.  We let her out, still with trumpet.  Clyde started to clean her stitches so we had to put her back.

Someone had to stay home all day to keep an eye on them. Me. Talk about stir crazy.  Steve could ony work until lunch anyway because of the heat.  Well. Long story short.  Eventually, Bonnie's trumpet came off all returned to normal, kittens fine, plans made to sort the dried figs into bags starting early yesterday morning. Freedom for me YES!

Blimp upright but fence pretty flattened!

Yesterday morning arrived and we discovered that the mini blimp full of water in the veggie plot has fallen over taking the fence out.  We were surprised to find that the chickens had not taken advantage of the opportunity to get into the vegetables. But if we leave it they will.

So.  Figs sorting put on hold while repairs are made to the fencing.  We think that a slight drip from the blimp tap wet the soil and finally the weight of the blimp tilted it.  It was Full.  The winter veg are looking really good.  Well watered!

This morning we once more decided to sort figs. We are short on bags so a quick run down to the Cooperative only to find it shut (???) and its a holiday tomorrow so it will be shut again, means that its now too hot to start sorting figs and with only two bags its hardly worthwhile.  we shall have to wait until Friday.  Unless of course the Cooperative decide to take the Friday off too and make it a long weekend.  Which is very likely.

And I thought I had adopted the Spanish chill attitude!  Just goes to show, you can take the girl out of Britain but you can't take Britain out of the girl!!


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