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Welcome to Musby

I have to tell you a little story.  We went to our local town to do a little bit of shopping. Parked in our usual spot by the church and set off on foot. Suddenly Steve points to the road and a tiny lifeless body of a cream coloured kitten lying in the road. Oh dear I said and made a move to walk away but then stopped. I can't I said. I just had to check if it was dead. It hissed and spat at me as soon as I touched it but made no move to run away. I asked some passing Spanish women if they knew who owned it. They didn't. While we were chatting another cat shot out into the road and was hit by a car! WTF!!!!????? The second cat was bigger and tabby. It crawled under a parked car. I noticed that it had a collar so belonged to someone. So I concentrated on the kitten. Steve got a bag from the car and I lifted it into it. Told the watching Spanish which vet we were going to and off we went. The vet checked the kitten over. It appeared to be blind and unable to walk. We fel


Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox. I love this time of year. I come out of my house and I see the sun on my left and the moon on my right. There is something very magical about both celestial orbs in the sky at once. It promotes a feeling of abundance and fullness. Which is how you should feel at harvest time. The weather here is also just great. Not too hot but still sunny and warm. All day on the verandah knitting or spinning is on the cards. Could it get any better?

Getting Ready for Spinzilla!

I mentioned a couple of posts ago about another event happening in the textile/fibre world.  Well its called Spinzilla. Its happening in early October and all you have to do is spin a mile of yarn in a week.  It costs ten dollars to enter but the money goes to a charity that teaches textile art to children worldwide so its a good cause and ten dollars wont break the bank.  So what do I get for my money?  I get to improve my spinning hugely... can you imagine, after spinning a mile! I also get a certain amount of satisfaction, whether I manage to actually spin a mile or not, and I get the support and encouragement of the online spinning community.  Here, where I am pretty much a lone spinner, that sort of thing is quite important. So, before I can even contemplate spinning a mile I have to prepare loads of fibre ready to spin.  As well as the local fleece that I have washed but not yet combed, I have been given some bamboo fibre in blue and green and I have some bought merino in a

Oft Made Plans!

Ah well, you all know the scenario, you make plans, everything is on track and then bam! Something happens, you have to drop everything and then you are playing catch-up to get back to where you were. It might officially be autumn but we are having a heatwave here. For the last few days we have had the hottest temperatures this summer. This has been very uncomfortable. The kittens both had their ops (neutered - I never know the correct term for both boys and girls, we always say we are getting them 'done') . Clyde was understandably cheesed off for about a day but then was his usual self. Bonnie had to wear a trumpet and was kept confined to a cage for the first two days.  she was most upset. Clyde was so bereft at his sisters confinement that he took to sleeping on top of the cage.  We let her out, still with trumpet.  Clyde started to clean her stitches so we had to put her back. Someone had to stay home all day to keep an eye on them. Me. Talk about stir crazy