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Monday, 22 August 2016

The End of the Games

The Olympics are done and dusted and everyone must be heading home and back to reality. After the London games people seemed to get a real sporty boost and there was a lot of renewed effort and interest in all things sport related. Well my Olympics has followed similar lines.  Remember my sad unfinished shawl?

And the Olympian effort to tackle the complicated pattern? And the elation at crossing the finish line with time to spare.

Well, here is my medal!

You may think it all a bit silly but I did achieve something and my knitting has certainly been given a boost. Remember the brightly coloured home dyed yarn that I couldn't quite decide what to do with?

I knitted and felted a bag. And I was so pleased with it I knitted and felted another one! I have yet to line the bags with fabric and add some kind of clasp so that they are useable but I am very pleased with how they turned out. I felted them at 60 degrees C in the washing machine and half expected all the colour to wash out. They faded a bit but that's a good thing in my mind.

Sometimes you just need a little boost to get interested in things again. A huge Thanks to all the very kind folk over on the Ravelry.com website for making this fun as well as rewarding and for being so patient with my IT questions. Knitting can be challenging but computers are often a complete nightmare of circles within circles of confusion.

So now I am all fired up to knit more stuff, and spin more wool, but definitely dye more wool too and there is another wool related world wide event looming, but more about that in a month or so.  For now I am going to rest on my laurels. For a short while anyway.

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