Olympic Medals!

Well perhaps I should say Ravellenic 's medals! Apologies to anyone who googled hoping to find a list of medal winners, this is a post about knitting, yes knitting is my Olympic sport this year. And I crossed the finish line just a couple of days ago when I finished my shawl.

Now I wait for the robot to trawl through the lists of finished items and deliver the call to the podium! 😁

At least that is what I imagine will happen. But even if a medal is not forthcoming, I have been energised and revitalised and have been sorting through my wool and my patterns and planning what I will knit this winter. It's a tad warm for knitting at the moment but autumn is coming!

Meanwhile, amidst all my crafty endeavours, I have been reminded, if I ever needed it, just how amazing the internet is. How much encouragement and comradeship I have received from virtual friends interested in similar pursuits.

But as with most things in life, there is an opposite to everything. So much horror and carnage in the world while we are cheering on our Olympians is liable to make one depressed if dwelt on too long. Am I wrong to gloss over the wickedness in the world and only see the good? Am I uncaring because I no longer bat an eye when told of yet another terrorist incident in some faraway, and sometimes not so far away, land?

I do care. I do feel for the victims and their families. But I also care for my own well being. I look at where I am right now. I see the bright sunshine beating down on the bronzed grass and I can smell the heady perfume of sweet figs drying on the ground. The hens are making a fuss... is it a fox? No, just a jittery cockerel. It's so hot I can barely breathe, I've come out without my hat. Rushing back to the cool of the veranda where the cats are snoozing and the dog barely lifts his head to acknowledge my return. What use my tears for those unfortunate people caught up in such sad events as make our news headlines? I thank the stars for my good fortune, for my good health, for my good Man. For my good everything. I can appreciate it all the more because in life things aren't always good forever and as sad as it is for some people right now, the wheel turns and things change. I've been on the bottom of the wheel before, perhaps that's why I can appreciate my good fortune now.

Goodness that got philosophical didn't it? All from having finished my knitting! I guess being creative gives you time to think and time to put the world in order in your mind. So. My advice is... have you left some creative pursuit unfinished to concentrate on the nitty gritty of life? Well perhaps it's time to unearth your talent and indulge yourself. Perhaps creativity is the nitty gritty of life after all!


  1. I'm awarding you a gold medal for your beautiful shawl, it's gorgeous!
    I understand what you are saying about everything going on in the world. It's almost like we turn on the news to find out what terrible thing has happened today. If it's not something horrific happening to humankind it's the horror of listening to Trump/Clinton!!
    Consequently I am totally absorbed in the Olympics. I love watching most of the events although there are some I don't mind missing. At the moment I'm watching trampoline-not really interested in the sport but the defending Olympic gold medalist from last time is Canadian and she is trying to repeat!
    Hubby is golfing and I have just finished steam cleaning all the floors so that's it for me in the housework department for today. Olympics, then out for supper.

    1. Janice I think you are right to be cheering on your compatriot whatever the sport and so right to concentrate on the good stuff in your life. Enjoy it! And thank-you for the nice words about my shawl. I had gone off it but have fallen in love with it again now it's finished.

  2. Congratulations on the medal winning knit Jane, and a fine example it is!

    You are not at all wrong in your personal philosophy, it is one held by many. For if we spend all our time concerned for others we do not know then, in a way, the terrorists are winning. Even if they are just winning the mind game, it would be a victory of sorts for them.

    The world is in a very bad place right now, in so many ways and on so many levels and, to be honest, it was brought about by those who should know better, those we pay mightily, to look after our health and well being!

    They have failed us, failed the world and now they cannot sort the mess they have created!

    So, keep your pecker up, keep your mind on your world (and your knitting!) and keep us entertained with your Gold Medal performances and other happy news, we love you for it.

    V... 👍🏼 😘 🐍

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words re the knitting, it's the thoughtfulness of strangers that has kept me going with the knitting, it doesn't come that naturally to me but I am determined to improve. Thank you also for the affirmation on my view of the world. I'm done carrying the weight of worry that I used to when it comes to world events. It's sad that you are right about those who are supposed to worry about this stuff on our behalf. The world turns and things will improve... just maybe very slowly.


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