Are you ready for the Olympics?

Four years ago I spent my time during the Olympic games crocheting pan holders, both for myself and as gifts for others. I have no interest in sport, none whatsoever, never really have had. I used to play hockey for my school and throughout my life I dabbled with yoga and aerobics, I did a little running (actually jogging, I was very slow) but have never really enjoyed watching sport.

Needless to say the great world sporting events leave me out in the cold a bit with everyone glued to the TV and normal programmes disrupted and very little else reported in the news. And me usually bored to tears.

So I was delighted to discover that on Ravelry (the knitting and crochet resource site) they are holding their own Olympic games knit-a-long. You pick your event... a knitting or crocheting challenge to yourself, register it on the site and from the time of the opening ceremony you cast on and get cracking!

You are not competing with anyone else, just challenging yourself. There are loads of project sections to choose from and I thought it would be a bit of fun. I have chosen to finish a project I started years ago (there is a category for just this kind of thing, it seems that knitters often start projects and never finish) and that has been gathering dust in a bag ... it's a shawl, it should be several feet longer and has some bobble trim on it.

Well I have challenged myself to finish it by the end of the games! This will be no mean feat I can tell you, the cabling on it needs concentration and means that I can't knit and hold conversations at the same time - but why should I worry about that everyone else will be watching the games!  It's also summer here and with temperatures regularly up at 40C it's a bit hot and sweaty for clutching knitting needles and wool.

I had considered entering a spin-a-long event too... I have at least 3 kilos of local fleece still to be combed and spun, but realistically I would never manage to do it as well as finishing the shawl. So wish me luck and fingers crossed for a medal! Oh yes there are medals to be won. Mostly though it's meant to be a bit of fun. I'll let you know!


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