All Play, No Work!

You might think that over the summer we are all about playing here on the Finca. I can assure you that there is actually a lot of work being accomplished too.

The grass has been cut.  All of it! Well done Steve. Not only cut but raked up into mini haystacks.

The veggie plot has been watered daily since the big heat began more than a month ago. It takes at least an hour every evening depending upon whether the water blimps need refilling first.

The underneath of the fig trees has been raked clear and some dried figs have been collected. This year we received an extra 50 euros for last year's figs. We don't quite understand why but the figs are turning out to be quite lucrative. We have plans for more trees.

There has been some chutney and pickle making.

Some canning. Bolognese sauce and mango and chili salsa.  Some fig conserves and also packs of frozen figs for turning into jam later when it's not so hot standing over the jam pot.

Tomato salsa has been made and frozen rather than bottled. Again mostly due to the heat involved. And lack of jars... I need to do another bulk Lakeland order and get more jars.

We have hosted a couple of social events, not quite what you would consider work but they do involve quite a bit of cleaning and tidying. A visit from a long lost cousin from Australia prompted a good tidy of the flower patch with a bit of weeding.

And of course there has been knitting and I am learning to weave. Don't these things fall into the play category? Well for us the lines between work and play are very blurred. We don't get up in the morning and think, oh no I have work to do. Instead we say, what am I going to play with today? Whether it's the grass cutter or the knitting needles it's almost all the same. It's just the thing we are going to do. Throw in a dip in the pool to cool off after whatever strenuous activity we have been doing and the days just whizz by in a general blurr of achievement and contentedness.

It's cutting of the olive suckers next on the finca and a huge sort out and declutter in the house. Future plans include a stall on the monthly second hand market followed by a trip to the tip with whatever doesn't sell. But that's not for a month or two yet. Today? Well I am going to play with some wool, I shall also be playing in the outdoor kitchen making an interesting lunch, there is a bit more playing in the veggie patch planned for this evening and I have a large wash load to do... yay! I get to play with the washing machine! What are you playing with today?


  1. Sounds like my kinda work there, love this post to bits Jane, thank you for sharing it with us!

    Tell me please, what does Steve use to cut the grass - it looks to be a huge volume of trimmings? And what do you use all the cuttings for?

    We envy you the life we can only dream of right now and just have to continue live it vicariously through your generosity in sharing, thank you again!

    V... x

  2. Steve uses a motorised Allen scythe. It's a pretty nifty machine, set the motor going and then walk along behind it, no pushing involved. The one thing it doesn't do is pick the grass up. We have looked for a mini bailer but even the smallest is too big for here. This year we have more grass than ever before and sadly little use for it. Some will be covered and used for nesting materials for the hens but the rest will have to be burned in October when the fire ban is lifted. It doesn't even rot down, it's just too dry here. Last year a neighbour took a small pile for his pony but we have nearly 7 acres of grass to shift. The grass is a perennial problem.

  3. Wow so glad I've come across your blog we're planning to move back to Spain in the next few months, I look forward to keeping up with your blog now :)


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