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Change is in the Air

Its still hot.  But at the same time I sense the approach of Autumn. Which is a great relief for us.  It's still warm at night too but the cupboard where I ferment the saurkrout is now only 27C instead of 29C and those two degrees make a huge difference. I've been really pleased with the veggie plot this year.  It still isn't as lush as you would expect a well stocked English veggie garden to be but that may just be a step too far for our near desert like summer conditions here.  I was looking online for hints and tips for gardening in these temperatures and the closest to it I could find were gardens in Texas.  So we are looking into solutions for providing movable shade. And of course the soil improvement continues. The garden centre was selling the winter veg plug plants so I got a few cabbage and cauliflower and brussel sprouts but since it is still very hot during the day we rigged up a temporary shade in the hope that it will make a difference.  It seems to

The End of the Games

The Olympics are done and dusted and everyone must be heading home and back to reality. After the London games people seemed to get a real sporty boost and there was a lot of renewed effort and interest in all things sport related. Well my Olympics has followed similar lines.  Remember my sad unfinished shawl? And the Olympian effort to tackle the complicated pattern? And the elation at crossing the finish line with time to spare. Well, here is my medal! You may think it all a bit silly but I did achieve something and my knitting has certainly been given a boost. Remember the brightly coloured home dyed yarn that I couldn't quite decide what to do with? I knitted and felted a bag. And I was so pleased with it I knitted and felted another one! I have yet to line the bags with fabric and add some kind of clasp so that they are useable but I am very pleased with how they turned out. I felted them at 60 degrees C in the washing machine and half expected all the

All Play, No Work!

You might think that over the summer we are all about playing here on the Finca. I can assure you that there is actually a lot of work being accomplished too. The grass has been cut.  All of it! Well done Steve. Not only cut but raked up into mini haystacks. The veggie plot has been watered daily since the big heat began more than a month ago. It takes at least an hour every evening depending upon whether the water blimps need refilling first. The underneath of the fig trees has been raked clear and some dried figs have been collected. This year we received an extra 50 euros for last year's figs. We don't quite understand why but the figs are turning out to be quite lucrative. We have plans for more trees. There has been some chutney and pickle making. Some canning. Bolognese sauce and mango and chili salsa.  Some fig conserves and also packs of frozen figs for turning into jam later when it's not so hot standing over the jam pot. Tomato sals

Olympic Medals!

Well perhaps I should say Ravellenic 's medals! Apologies to anyone who googled hoping to find a list of medal winners, this is a post about knitting, yes knitting is my Olympic sport this year. And I crossed the finish line just a couple of days ago when I finished my shawl. Now I wait for the robot to trawl through the lists of finished items and deliver the call to the podium! 😁 At least that is what I imagine will happen. But even if a medal is not forthcoming, I have been energised and revitalised and have been sorting through my wool and my patterns and planning what I will knit this winter. It's a tad warm for knitting at the moment but autumn is coming! Meanwhile, amidst all my crafty endeavours, I have been reminded, if I ever needed it, just how amazing the internet is. How much encouragement and comradeship I have received from virtual friends interested in similar pursuits. But as with most things in life, there is an opposite to everything. So mu

Are you ready for the Olympics?

Four years ago I spent my time during the Olympic games crocheting pan holders, both for myself and as gifts for others. I have no interest in sport, none whatsoever, never really have had. I used to play hockey for my school and throughout my life I dabbled with yoga and aerobics, I did a little running (actually jogging, I was very slow) but have never really enjoyed watching sport. Needless to say the great world sporting events leave me out in the cold a bit with everyone glued to the TV and normal programmes disrupted and very little else reported in the news. And me usually bored to tears. So I was delighted to discover that on Ravelry (the knitting and crochet resource site) they are holding their own Olympic games knit-a-long. You pick your event... a knitting or crocheting challenge to yourself, register it on the site and from the time of the opening ceremony you cast on and get cracking! You are not competing with anyone else, just challenging yourself. There are