The Heat

It's July and after a wet and reasonably cool spring, summer has well and truly hit.  It shouldn't be a surprise but every year when the scorching summer weather arrives we walk around puffing and panting and complaining about the heat that we were so desperate for just a month or so ago!  Human nature I guess. And truth be told it's uncomfortable but there are easy remedies to hand for us humans.

Not so poor Fergus.  Life is difficult when you have to wear a fur coat and the temperature outside is 38C in the shade of the veranda.

Fergus has been back to the vets.  After his bladder stones incident and wee operation, a change of food was recommended.  Sadly the new food causes a lot of gas.  And for whatever reason this gas seems unable to find its way out.

We used to complain heartily about how bad such a little dog could smell but we take it all back.  The poor mite is suffering so much.  So it was back to the vet for some advice.

We come away with five sachets of Fortiflora - to replace the natural flora in his gut (which seems to have disappeared, no doubt with so much medical intervention in the form of antibiotics etc...) and the other is a syrup we got at the chemist (with a prescription from the vet... still can't get used to getting human medicine for animals), its for relieving the symptoms of painful wind.

And it did seem to work, the first day anyway.  It's hard to tell if his lethargy is due to the bloated belly or just the heat.  Now that his stitches are healed he has to go for a haircut.  I cant imagine how hot he must feel.  We have tried to take him into the swimming pool to cool down but he hates water and unlike most dogs who can't wait to dive into a paddling pool Fergus dislikes stepping into a puddle even.  He also dislikes grass and prefers to walk on pavements.  He also does not play well with others and his nose is most definitely out of joint with the realisation that the kittens are here to stay.

Sadly, he is a town dog and there is little we can do about it.  And even more sadly for him... we live here.


  1. Poor Fergus, I hope he feels better after his haircut.


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