More Experimental Dying

I got so excited about my dying exploits that I went a little mad.  You see I discovered that my food colourings were way out of date... I mean I used to bake a lot of birthday and celebration cakes when my kids were little and most of this is left over from that.  So we are talking ten years out of date at least.  So.  What better way to finish them off than dying some wool, decent wool this time.

I used several colours including some turmeric which was also way out of date.  Arguably spices keep for much longer than the use by says, but eventually, everything gets old and stale so this too was destined for the dye pot!

Steve arrived home from the workshop mid experiment only to smile and say 'curry for lunch?'... mmmm hope the turmeric smell fades!

It all looked a bit bright but I've  been spinning off-white wool for more than a year and it really is nice to have some colours.

And finally I got this......

I am delighted with it!  Although I do really want some more natural shades, this has satisfied my desire for colour for the moment.  Now what to do with it?  there is only 200 yards so not really enough to do much.

I could get some gloves out of it... fingerless gloves are my favourite since it isn't really cold enough here in the winter for much more.  Unless anyone has any ideas?


  1. I think some knitted jewlery would be good with those colours.

    1. I crocheted some jewellery once and then kept it for 20 years without wearing it before donating to charity. I suppose I might do a brooch for wearing on a jacket or coat... mmmmmm. Thanks for the link, very interesting.

  2. Bunting? Can you crochet? Brooches?

    1. I did think of bunting, and yes I do crochet, so it's a possibility. It has to be something that grabs me, if you know what I mean.

  3. How pretty - Love the color combo! But will the color hold and not fade?

    1. It should be reasonably colour fast. The vinegar is the mordant that holds the colour to the wool. A bit of the turmeric ran when I washed the skein, but none of the other colours. But, I think it should be washed alone, a Nd hand washed, it is pure wool.


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