Anticipation and Excitement!

There are many contradictions about our lives here.  We have access to the internet and so I do a lot of research and just general learning of stuff that interests me online.  This is instant.  But I also buy books for my library online and then I have to wait while they are delivered.  Sometimes quite a long time.  Invariably the books are sent from the UK, but sometimes from the USA too.  It can be anything from a week to a month for them to arrive and I wait patiently like a good Victorian housewife would have for her mail order purchases to arrive... actually the post during Victorian times was very good and very quick so perhaps it is exactly the same!

Excitement and anticipation rise as the days pass and this morning Steve returned from the post office and spilled a whole pile of packages onto the bed.  Oooooh!  They all came together... only one book has been delayed.  Some days just start off brilliantly!

It's now, nearly five pm and I am still in pj's on the couch with a pile of books around me.  I have been busy though.  I have devoured the contents of one cookbook thoroughly, and tried out a recipe for our lunch, I have skimmed the contents of the other cookbook and noted down that I need to buy more fermentation lids in order to make more pickled vegetables.

I have put the very large book on the Crusades to one side for the moment but am really looking forward to getting to grips with that during the rest of the long hot summer days when its simply too warm to venture out during the afternoon.

I have continued with my experiments in dying wool, a more in depth post on that will be forthcoming in due course and I have progressed in my quest for a tidy house by refolding all my tea towels.

 Normally I would feel very lazy indeed to know that I have spent the entire day in my  night attire but given the amount I have crammed into today I don't.  Time to go have a swim and then think about what to do next... So many fun things to choose from... Some days are just the best!.


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