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When I was younger I never understood when people said that they liked a certain food but it didn't like them. I used to think, what a cheek! Food wouldnt dare not like me. I was happy to say that I could pretty much eat anything and everything.  Alas those days are gone. I have always had what could politely be called a sluggish digestion and so fibre and fresh fruit has usually figured large on my menu. However slowly over the last ten years or so my innards have been protesting and getting fussier and fussier. And finding a happy medium is proving very hard.

Raw fruit is a really tricky one. It has to be so ripe, almost on the turn before I can tolerate it. A wonderfully juicy slice of melon can leave me doubled up in pain. It's sad but I now have several things on the 'they don't like me ' list. At the top is apricots, if they are dried it's worse. I have no idea why.

In an effort to improve the situation I started drinking Actimel and other such daily supplements. To start with, all was well, but then I developed an intolerance to milk and although plain yogurt seems OK the L-cassei immunitas stuff is now on the list.

So. Now I am trying fermented foods. Basically pickled vegetables. The idea is that you have a spoonful every day with your main meal and it should help improve your digestion. I started with sourkraut, or fermented cabbage, which turned out to be nothing like the tinned stuff. In fact it is more like the pickled cabbage we had in Japan. Crunchy, a little salty and not at all onerous to eat.

Today I grated some carrot and layered it with salt just like I did with the cabbage. I can start tasting it in about a week or ten days. It improves with age apparently.

The special lid allows carbon dioxide emissions from the veg to escape but doesn't allow oxygene in, which would turn the veg bad.  The old fashioned way was to place weights on the veg so that it remains underneath the juices that it makes by itself. No extra liquid is added. Just veg and salt.

 There wasn't very much juice produced by the cabbage, perhaps it wasn't as fresh as it could be. Anyway. To cut a long story short, so far so good, but remembering to eat a spoonful with each meal is hard. But here's the thing, I don't have any digestive issues when I eat chocolate cake. Or puddings,  it seems that only healthy food upsets me. Funny that.


  1. If you like spicy things, Korean kimchi is delicious and very easy to make. We first came across it years ago, when some Korean friends introduced it to us, and I've been a devotee ever since. They eat some with every meal - and I would too, now, if my family were a little kinder about the smell! There are a number of fermented drinks you can make, too, to boost your intestinal flora; we do kombucha tea, milk kefir & water kefir (my favourite! Rather like "real" lemonade) as well as good old-fashioned ginger beer. Hunting about in archives, it seems that historically ale might well have served the same purpose, but beer doesn't, as it's boiled before the hops are added, thus destroying the beneficial bacteria and many of the nutrients.

    1. I have read about kimchi but not tried it, can't take things too spicy but hubby loves spice so it's on the list of stuff to try. I can get Kefir starter online from a Spanish site but I chickened out as I thought it might be gak 😏 thank-you for your really interesting comments, I may give it a go... I love real lemonade and ginger beer!

    2. We've been meaning to try some fermenting for a while now as Carly suffers with a very temperamental digestive system, perhaps a bit of sourkraut would help. I'm going to see where I can source those lids from now

  2. Not at all gak! I'm not fan of milk, but milk kefir is like slightly yeasty yogurt, makes a great shake whizzed up with fruit, can be made into a cream cheese & is very useful in cooking. Water kefir's just a delight, but doesn't have quite the probiotic punch of milk kefir.


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