Fergus goes to hospital

This morning I noticed that Fergus had blood in his urine. It seemed like quite a lot. Since we were already in town we just went straight to the vets.

Fergus has bladder stones.

He needs an operation to remove them. It's arranged for Friday morning.

In the meantime he has antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicine to take.

Having a sick pet is always worrying and usually the thought of how much it is going to cost just adds to the anxiety. Here in Spain veterinary fees are fairly reasonable, even more so in our region.

This morning he had two x-rays and an ultra sound, plus an hour at least of two vets time, as well as an antibiotic injection and oral tablets to last until Friday. Total for this 30 euros. The ultrasound was discounted because it didn't show anything more than the x-ray.  The estimate for the surgery is 220 euros plus 35 euros for the blood analysis. I am not complaining.  The cost is not important when it comes to the health and well-being of a member of our family albeit a four legged member.  But I never understood why vets fees in the UK were so high compared to here. The vet is equally well qualified and the drugs identical to what we would get in England.  The equipment  (x-ray and ultrasound) identical.  Of course it goes without saying that I shall let you all know how he gets on.

In other news I did say I would let you all know how the drying cabinet worked. Success! The dried apricots are all jarred up ready to be added to breakfast cereal and although not very sweet, they are delicious!


  1. Oh poor Fergus. Hope he gets better soon.

    1. I am sure he will be fine, probably will milk it though lol. Thank-you for your kind thoughts it's means a lot to us.

  2. Hope everything goes well with Fergus tomorrow. Vets are very expensive over here as well. It's like a license to print money!

    1. When I had my kids I used to say that one of them should be a vet and another a dentist, then we would get a good return on our investments! Needless to say non of my children chose those careers lol! Thanks for your kind comments.


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