Working for Peanuts!

Once upon a time many years ago I had a notion that I would like to be self sufficient.  Or at the very least grow all our own vegetables.  I set about seeing if this was feasable.  I got an allotment... and later I got another one.  I very quickly realised that for us it was an impractical goal.  Have you any idea the amount of work required to grow ALL your own vegetables?  well, if you have very little else to do then ok, you might consider it.  But given the amount of interests and little projects that we have, we know, that we are never going to have the time to grow all our own veg.

But that doesn't stop us growing some of it.  The veg patch is my domain and it constantly gets away from me.  I am always playing catch-up.  Still.  I like to grow stuff so I keep at it, in fits and starts, clearing little patches and planting something.

I had some winter veg on the go and it was reasonably successful so I cleared a bigger patch and planned some new stuff.

Peanuts!  I've never grown peanuts before, but they grow them here in this part of Spain and apparently they are easy to grow.  Says the farmer with acres and acres of them.

I bought some organic peanuts last autumn and shelled them a couple of weeks ago.  I waited for the ground to warm up a bit and this morning I planted a few rows.

I had hoped to get them planted a few days ago since rain was forecast and its always better to let Mother Nature water them in.  But hey ho... you know how it is when you have loads of other stuff you want to do too.

Other things growing in the garden at the moment are... lettuce, garlic, coriander, strawberries, onions, summer cabbage and newly planted seeds for sweet corn, chilli peppers, red peppers and aubergines.  With the seeds its all fingers crossed as plug plants seem to do better here (but I had the seeds and didn't want to waste them).

Meanwhile in the flower garden...  A tulip courtesy of the previous owners valiantly holds its own against the encroaching wild flowers (weeds).

And.... the nearly totally obscured rose bush is being attacked by beetles.

Two different kinds... not sure what they are but one or both of them is eating the petals....

Not good.  I better see what I can do about that.... tomorrow.


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