Hay Fever Notwithstanding!

It's that time of year again.  Actually here I suffer most of the year round.  This is not something I bargained for when we moved here... but for the flowers I can put up with it.  I just think I need to get stronger anti-histamines.

Anyway, the lavender has been gorgeous this year and the finca is so full of it I decided to make a few little gifts for friends.  Lavender Bottles as we used to call them.  The Spanish wild lavender is not as strong smelling as the French variety but it does have a scent.

I picked a few stalks from each clump.  you'd never know that I had taken any at all.

And with some ribbon from the stash turned them into scented wands for drawers or wardrobe.  I also added a little french lavender that was given to me as a gift some time ago to boost the scent, but then I found I didn't really need it.

Once they were all bundled up the scent was really quite strong.

And then I spent all the next day in bed with a crushing headache - sinus induced I might add, and the fact that I forgot to take my anti-histamine.  What I really need is a mask. You quite often see people wearing masks during olive blossom time, which is just around the corner. Ah well, even the garden of Eden had a snake.


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