You Never Know the Day.

I follow a few blogs online, most of which I have links to down on the right hand side of this page.  A couple in particular are written by people who I began to think of as friends... but that's only because when people share a part of their lives with you... even if you don't make any comments, you begin to feel like you know them.  Especially if what they write about is of particular interest to you.

Four new almond trees

Today, I looked up the list of my favourite blogs and settled myself down with a cup of tea for a few minutes of enjoyable updating on my 'friends' lives.  Only to be shocked by the news that one of my most favourite bloggers has passed away.  She wasn't old... ages with me I think.  It was obviously sudden and her husband has updated her blogging followers - for which I am grateful.  It would have been awful just to have the blog stop with no explanation.... but... talk about shock.

Planted on a dull rainy day - so Mother Nature waters them in

I found myself in tears.  I don't know this woman but I loved reading about her life.  After reading I would tell my husband all about what was happening with her chickens, ducks and gardening exploits.  How the weather was, especially the snow, we don't get snow here.  Her garden was amazing and I took huge inspiration from her to try and improve mine.  She also loved to make pickles and jams and bake... all stuff right up my street.  I am sure we would have got on like a house on fire had we met.

The battered peas that still don't produce.

I really feel for her husband.  What can one do?  In the face of such finality there is nothing really.  And it just brought home to me how important every second of every minute of every day really is.  Because it can all be taken away from you in a moment.

How long the grass is getting

I am sure some of my friends think that we boast about our lives here.  How the sun shines while they are struggling in snow and rain and cold winds.  How we don't have to slog our way through terrible traffic on the daily commute, how we have time to play with gardening, cooking... experiments... just play.  OK sometimes I might sound smug, but I don't mean to.  I am simply making the most of every moment with my soul mate, living the life we dreamed of when we were young and thanking our lucky stars every single morning for all our numerous blessings... because ... you never know the day.

And who deserves a rest after all that hard work


  1. Oh my goodness, I've just been there and read about it. What a shock. How very sad.

    1. It certainly is sad Illona. Too sad for words.

  2. You are so right that you never now the day. Just to let you know - you don't come off as smug at all. At least this reader can tell that you work hard and get great satisfaction and enjoyment from your efforts and from your accomplishments. I so enjoy reading about what is going on at your finca. Cheers!

    1. Wilma thank you so much... but I think my Facebook friends would say I was smug - most of them are back in the UK coping with snow and cold at the moment and my pictures of Steve reading on the sunny veranda did not go down well lol. But I am so glad you enjoy the blog.

  3. I'm sure you're talking about Sara in Bulgaria. Like you, I was shocked beyond words when I read that she had passed away. I couldn't believe it. I cried, even though, like you, I don't know her other than through the blog. I kept thinking about her, wondering what on earth happened. It was so sudden. I feel so sorry for Dave. They had 3 wonderful years in Bulgaria and her sister and only just arrived a couple of months ago. It's all so so sad and shocking. I think Dave will try to continue with the blog but wonder what his long term plans will be.
    Take care. Janice

    1. Yes I think I shall have to go off to a corner of the finca and have a really good blubb! Her life mirrored my own in many ways, we arrived here three years ago as well and we came for the same reasons. Sara was always so very supportive of my gardening efforts, which were really poor compared to theirs. I also wonder about how Dave will cope now... I mean... all those vegetables and only one person to feed... It's just too sad for words.

  4. You should never think of your blog as "boasting"! I love reading about what's happening for you - sitting with a cup of coffee looking out my window at the snow and seeing pictures of your sunshine warms my spirit.


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