I want some Garden flowers!

This is the view from the front of the house.

Now, the issue I have always had is.... where does the garden stop and the finca begin?

We normally like to wait until the wild flowers set seed before cutting the grass.

It does mean that it looks a bit untidy for a few weeks but I think its worth it because I love the wild flowers and of course the bees and other insects they attract and because of them the huge variety and number of birds that we get.

But.  Having decided that the bit immediately around the house was getting beyond a joke, Steve strimmed it down.  But where should one stop?

In this little spot, which is supposed to be garden rather than finca, there is some pretty flowers hiding among the weeds.

And a baby grapefruit tree.

Weeding by hand here is a mammoth task.  I had intended to plant so much that the weeds would be crowded out but I really let it get away from me.

I have still to decide where the boundaries of the garden should be.  And how to mark that boundary.  Every time I plant a flower under an olive or fig tree I get stern looks from Steve who says, you wont be able to harvest that tree now.  Well its true, but this is my garden and I want some flowers!


  1. You'll have to get some volunteers in to help you with the garden!

    1. Sadly we are unable to take volunteers this year as we have no facilities. Once the casita is finished we shall certainly be looking for more.


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