Five Minutes On the Finca in Spring

The weather has not been great this spring so far.  In one sense it has been really good, in as much as we have had plenty of rain for the garden and to water in my new almond trees.  It has also been on the whole, gentle rain.  So all my new veg in the veggie plot is doing well... so far.

But we did have one lovely Sunday morning....

This is a total experiment, putting up video on blogger.  To date I have never managed to get a bit of video loaded.  Bear in mind that I do not have any fancy editing software so this is just one take... what you see is what you get.

Click Here

If it works of course lol!  Enjoy!


  1. I did enjoy it! Lovely birdsong and wildflowers -

  2. Hiya Jane, although my wife Jill and me have been reading (both) your blogs for some time now, I have only just realised you started way back in 2010 and have been trying to catch up, whilst working!

    That said, I have also just found your videos and watched all three on YouTube with much interest (and memories stirred of the many happy days we spent searching for the ideal property a few years ago). Perhaps, one day, we will re-commence our searching for a new home in Extremadura, a far away dream right now.

    Trujillo is our most favourite place in all of España and somewhere in the surrounding areas are where, one day, we would like to think we might spend our retirement years!

    Looking at the shadows, in your videos, were they taken with an iPad perhaps? (Using YouTube, you should be able to embed the videos in your blog posts, using one of the links they provide?)

    Anyway, for now, we will have to continue to live the Extremadura dream vicariously through your postings, thank you for sharing your experiences and life in Finca La Reina...

    Best wishes,

    Rog... x
    (AKA - Venomator...)

    1. Hello Rog and wife! I am so pleased that you are enjoying the blog but blimey you are in danger of extreme boredom going right back to the start lol! Yes I am using a tablet to film but I am new to this. I did manage to embed someone else's film from YouTube in the blog and I thought that was what I was doing this time but it just didn't happen. A little more practice I think. Do let me know if you are visiting the area and we can do aft tea or something. X


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