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Moving to Spain for us was a complete no-brainer.  We had planned for many years that we would retire somewhere where we could have a small holding or hobby-farm as we termed it.  We weren't always looking at Spain, in fact we thought of Spain as mainly the Costa's or the touristy coastal regions, as I am sure a lot of people did.  But there is a lot more to Spain than the coast and luckily we discovered that just in time.

How's that for a view from your veranda? Those are mountains in the distance, its not cloud!

So.  I thought I would do a regular little spot showing what is available at what kind of prices for those who are considering making a move here.  I am not an estate agent, this is just for fun and you know, like we are meeting up for a coffee and having a chat.  Today I picked a house that belongs to people I know in an area I know.

And by the way, if you are seriously considering a change of life, a change of pace, an affordable life adventure in the sun then you should look at Spain.  Why?  Well, I guess everywhere has been hit by financially bad times over the last few years.  But it's never been cheaper to buy a house here (it is also cheap to live here) and if you do have the money, or are in a position to make your dream retirement, then now is definitely a good time to do it.

The house that goes with that view.

Small almond grove
 The places I am choosing to highlight are places that If I had a few more lifetimes than I do, I'd be happy to have myself.  It's just a personal daydream spot!  So, if you're up for it, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a few minutes out to look at this.  This house was built seven years ago as a small B&B but then changed owners and has been a family home.  It could quite easily go back to being a B&B.  It comes complete with an almond orchard (and you can just imagine what it looks like when those trees are in blossom) and space for chickens and vegetables.  Modern ensuite bedrooms, beautifully decorated ready to move in.  Solar panels provide power and central heating with automatic back up mains electric - just in case you get a few dull days, which can happen in winter.

A large farmhouse style kitchen to die for! 

One of the Double bedrooms and ensuite 

I love the basin - that's a fossil embedded in the marble surround!

Spacious but also cosy sitting room that leads directly out onto the veranda and that amazing view.

This house is situated in a small hamlet in Andalucia, but rural, not on the coast.  About 8 km from the nearest town (Castril - gorgeous place, teetering on the edge of a mountain - very picturesque).  The area has so much to offer.  Very close to a National Park and renowned for its wildlife (amazing birds of prey) and attracts walkers and cyclists in season and has so much to offer the visitor, whether its an autumn walk in the woods for mushrooms (been there, done that!) or a meal in the restaurant at the local lake with facilities for canoeing, swimming, fishing etc... (been there, done that too!).  
So.  Go on.  Guess how much?  You won't believe it!  185,000 EUROS.  Yes euros not pounds!  The owners are English and moved to this area to be near family.  But then their family moved away and naturally they want to go too. This is a ready to move into and hit the ground running type of house. If you want to see more in detail about this property then  Click here.   Please remember I am not an estate agent and I am not getting paid for this... its a bit of fun.  Who doesn't like to see into someone elses home and wonder what it would be like to live there.  This one could be yours!


  1. Looks beautiful Jane, and for the price of an ordinary semi!

    Way out of our range though, we'll stick with our 1500 euro home....unless the UK come out of the EU then we will be homeless!

    1. Do you have residents status? We have a little green card which I believe protects us if the UK left the eu. We would simply be British people resident in Spain. Spain wouldn't want to lose the hundreds of thousands of Brits who live here and spend here.

    2. It's all to do with owning property and visas, Bulgaria had a system before they were in the EU where you had to open a company to own property, you couldn't own it as an individual. We have temporary long term residency (5 years) so in two years that will run out. They won't want to lose the Brits either, but many will have to return home for financial reasons...and many Bulgarians will no doubt have to return to BG, and other countries too. No point in worrying yet though.

  2. I think I left a nought off! Should have been fifteen thousand euro

    1. I'm so glad you added that... I nearly fell off my chair lol! Blimey that's a good price though... you could almost put that on your credit card!


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