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Normally I don't post too much about food here on Technobillies as I have two other blogs (yes two, am I mad?  Well that's another topic altogether!) devoted to food, Food from the Finca where I post recipes which are vaguely seasonal since I categorise them by month and I tend to use what is in season/on the market at that particular time.  The other food related blog is the Cavewoman Cooking site where I am learning to use fire for cooking.  This is basically me getting to grips with the bread oven and the BBQ.  But here I want to talk more in general about food, and specifically Tea and Sugar.

As winter has just about retreated here in this part of Spain (the birds and the bees think its spring but the weather is taking a little longer to catch up) the annual cold and flu season saw me sicker than I have been for several years.  Certainly since coming to live here. I got a cold which then turned into something vaguely flu like but without the fever.  It hung around for several weeks and as I started to feel better I realised that I had gone 'off' milk.

It would seem that my stomach had had enough of either lactose or milk proteins.  I don't believe I am lactose intolerant but I definitely started having a rather unpleasant reaction (spending all day close to the loo) to milk in my tea.  Well I thought I shall just change over to soya milk or almond milk or one of those other types of 'milky' drink.  None of which tasted very nice in tea.

I headed off to the specialist tea shop where I spoke to the nice lady who suggested I try White Tea.  So I did.  I also bought an infusion especially for aiding digestion since mine has always been a bit sluggish.  (Oh and those L Casei drink things that are supposed to help with that also upset my stomach ?).

Well its done the trick.  And I have never felt better.  It takes a bit of getting used to, tea without milk.  After being a real Assam-with-milk-and-sugar addict for many many years.

Oh and the side effect of this is that I stopped taking sugar in my tea and started using a spoonful of honey instead.  Honey consumption has gone up hugely (not a bad thing I think) and sugar consumption has reduced drastically and this had a very unexpected result.

I always knew that sugar was bad for you but I am the sort of person who needs to experience things personally before I actually take much heed.  I also knew that I took too much sugar but since I do not have any weight issues (courtesy of the genes and nothing else) I never bothered too much about it.

Let me tell you, sugar is a drug and my sudden reduction in sugar gave me withdrawal symptoms.  Firstly, headaches - like the worst migraine ever.  Then a bad taste in my mouth - yuk and then, the strangest of all... a feeling of well being and euphoria.

This is apparently the sigh of relief your body gives when you are finally free of the effects of sugar.  I still have the occasional cake and biscuit and I had cereal with sugar on top this morning for breakfast but before I would have had these things and then had several cups of tea with two sugars in each.  So you see I have actually reduced a lot.

Its been a huge surprise and although I am sad that I no longer feel like drinking my beloved Assam - its just too strong to take without milk - I am enjoying the taste of real tea and even the faff preparing the infusion.

Although Steve has no such issues with the milk (except on the rare occasion when he has coffee at a cafe and they make it with whole milk) he has embraced the no milk lifestyle with gusto, choosing an interesting fruit tea with ginger as his favourite tipple.  Oh and we bought ourselves some fancy infusers to sit in our cups.  I'm the walrus!  I could never have imagined an occasion when it would be appropriate to say that... but there you are!


  1. Tea has a really high level of caffiene, which is a drug.
    Stopping drinking it will give you withdrawl symptoms. Fruit infusion tea does not have caffiene.
    Honey is still a sugar, latest research shows is no healthier than cane sugar.

    1. Oh Noooooooooo! I love honey, could never give that up ... I'm going to forget you said that it isn't any healthier than cane sugar - my bee man in the UK would have a great deal to say about that. I did think that my symptoms could have been the caffeine withdrawal but on research apparently sugar does a similar thing. Whatever... so far its all good!

    2. Most importaint thing is you are feeling better!.
      Whatever you are doing is right for you :)
      Regards Kirrie

  2. It will be a bee hive for you next then Jane. A great addition to the plot and very little trouble with the added bonus of good pollination! I recommend....but I forget to use honey when I'm baking and have loads of the stuff from last year...must do better!

    I am trying to stay off coffee and have my own concoction of grated fresh ginger (very cheap here) with honey and either lemon if I have one open (not so cheap) or a couple of teaspoons of home made cider vinegar for sharpness. I don't normally have any sugar in hot drinks though.

    1. I would love a beehive but I have a terrible fear of the 'buzzing' of insects... even with protective clothing I can't get close to them without panicking lol. The man isn't real keen on the bees either so we are reduced to buying. I have asked if anyone would like to put their bee hives on our land but so far no takers... it's rural here and there is no shortage of land for the bees.

  3. Fantastic walrus infuser! Part of what you are experiencing could be due to a decrease in caffeine consumption since white tea has much less than Assam tea. Now I am off to check your other cooking blog. Cheers!

    1. Yes I did think that could be it too. Hope you enjoy the other blogs.


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