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Mine's the Walrus!

Normally I don't post too much about food here on Technobillies as I have two other blogs (yes two, am I mad?  Well that's another topic altogether!) devoted to food, Food from the Finca where I post recipes which are vaguely seasonal since I categorise them by month and I tend to use what is in season/on the market at that particular time.  The other food related blog is the Cavewoman Cooking site where I am learning to use fire for cooking.  This is basically me getting to grips with the bread oven and the BBQ.  But here I want to talk more in general about food, and specifically Tea and Sugar. As winter has just about retreated here in this part of Spain (the birds and the bees think its spring but the weather is taking a little longer to catch up) the annual cold and flu season saw me sicker than I have been for several years.  Certainly since coming to live here. I got a cold which then turned into something vaguely flu like but without the fever.  It hung around for s

At last! The Garden Produces...

some of my regular readers will remember that I have, on several occasions, lamented the paucity of our soil here for growing vegetables.  Well we focused on trying to improve it by firstly adding chicken poo and then sheep poo and finally we got some organic cow pellets to spread about.  We began this journey with the veggie plot nearly two years ago and although the first year we did fairly well for veg, it was mostly courtesy of the goose water which was heavily laden with poo and poured onto the patch on a daily basis. At the end of last autumn I planted some winter veg, some peas, some cauliflower and some broccoli.  They all seemed to thrive really well.  Everything grew quite big and became very very leafy.  However it was all just leaf, no pea pods and no broccoli or cauliflower hearts for weeks and weeks and weeks.  The cause according to Google - for the broccoli and cauliflower was that the weather was too warm.  I couldn't do much about that.  For the peas...?  Who kn

What is Your Dream?

Moving to Spain for us was a complete no-brainer.  We had planned for many years that we would retire somewhere where we could have a small holding or hobby-farm as we termed it.  We weren't always looking at Spain, in fact we thought of Spain as mainly the Costa's or the touristy coastal regions, as I am sure a lot of people did.  But there is a lot more to Spain than the coast and luckily we discovered that just in time. How's that for a view from your veranda? Those are mountains in the distance, its not cloud! So.  I thought I would do a regular little spot showing what is available at what kind of prices for those who are considering making a move here.  I am not an estate agent, this is just for fun and you know, like we are meeting up for a coffee and having a chat.  Today I picked a house that belongs to people I know in an area I know. And by the way, if you are seriously considering a change of life, a change of pace, an affordable life adventure in th

A Severe Haircut

The harvest being done and dusted (although the trees that we didn't manage to harvest are still carrying olives) it is time to prune the trees.  We have been here three years and the trees have not been pruned properly in all that time, and in fact I don't think they were done for a few years prior to that. At any rate, it means that a good haircut is long overdue.  We lost a branch from one of the heavily laden trees in early autumn due solely to the weight of the olives putting too much strain on a branch that was allowed to grow out too far from the tree.  We can't afford to have branches just dropping on whoever is passing underneath - even if it is only us. So.  Husband sets forth with a new chain saw on a long pole to reach high up into the trees.  He seems to be having fun. He certainly is producing a lot of wood for next year's winter fires.  The Spanish tend to burn all of the wood that they prune off the trees.  They also clean away the dropped le