Thursday, 7 January 2016


Phew!  Total olives picked 2,051 kg

And thank goodness.  That's the harvest over for another year.  Although we broke the 2,000 kg target we didn't actually harvest all the trees.  There are still another 30 or so trees with olives on but honestly we can do no more.  The weather has turned very wet and cold and it is soul destroying working all day in those conditions.  The last three days I cried off and left Steve to soldier on alone, harvesting the last 500+ kgs on his own.  That man deserves a drink!

A brief rest while we wait for the weather to cheer up a bit and then the pruning starts... remember the new years resolution... yes, we really do need to give a large number of trees a jolly good haircut.

But for the moment my thoughts are turning to fabric waiting to be cut out and sewn and fleece still to be combed, at least it can be done sat down in front of the fire!

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