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The First Spring Walk

Since we first came here we have had great intentions to do a lot more walking.  Of course, as you might have expected, real life has got in the way of that.  There is always other stuff to do.  And because we have spent the whole of January getting to grips with tree pruning, sewing projects and illness we really felt that we needed to blow some cobwebs away and get out the house and off the finca. We went to Proserpina.   This is a favourite haunt of ours when the weather is really hot and we can go swimming but at this time of year it is also a fab place to walk. Especially if like me (and Fergus), you are not really fit enough for a very long walk and don't want to do scrabbling over rocks or up hills. The distance is almost 6km all the way around the lake and it was actually very busy. A lot of people had the same idea.  There were kayak's on the lake.  Fishermen both on the lake and around the edges.  People walking with dogs, small children learn


When I was young I lived and worked in London for a while.  I worked in a small Hotel in Kensington.  It is still there, refurbished and reinvented and very swish but in the 1970's it was slightly faded, had definitely seen better days and boasted being the first hotel in London to get a lift.  I doubted that, but the lift was old, it required a member of staff (suitably uniformed) to operate it. I worked as a housekeeper and as such I had keys to various store rooms and linen closets that all seemed to be stuck in a Victorian time warp.  One was full of table oil lamps, with beautiful green glass shades.  When they were last used I didn't know and I couldn't imagine that they would ever be used again but there they sat.  Anyway, while I worked there the dining room had a bit of a refit and about a hundred white damask table cloths were consigned to the linen cupboard, ostensibly never to be used again.  I spoke with the manager of the hotel and asked if I could buy one.

Travelling in Time

We set off on a very dull day.  Sandwiches and flask safely stowed in the footwell and a long six hour drive ahead of us. We drove south to Zafra and then east to Cordoba and then South again to Malaga and the coast and the small town of Salobrena where our daughter and her family live.  The rain clouds stayed with us almost as far as Malaga when the sun suddenly popped out, the sky turned blue and the temperature gauge on the car shot up to 21C. I always used to find travelling very exciting. Nowadays the thought of travelling is often more exciting than the actual journey.  Perhaps its an age thing.  I remember when I was young, arriving was often an anti climax, it was the journey I really enjoyed. We didn't want to overburden our daughter and her family, their house is small and they have a new baby, so we booked into a Pensione.  I do not understand the difference between a Pensione, a Hostal and a Casa Rural - they all provide bed and most often breakfast

She Arrived!

My grand daughter, yes she arrived safe and sound. Welcome Lake Blossom, it's a fab world once you get the hang of it.  No what I really meant is..... My new sewing machine arrived!  My old machine, which I love dearly, is about 15 years old now.  How time flies.  I remember when I bought it I thought that it would last me a very long time and that I would grow into it, not  thinking myself a particularly experienced seamstress at the time.  Well.  I definitely grew into it and then outgrew it.  Or perhaps modern machines have simply surpassed it. Anyway I decided it was time to invest in a new one which will, I believe, see me right for the next 15 years at least.  The only misgiving that I have about the machine is that if it ever goes wrong, I will need to consult an expert since it is computerised.  So... my first projects were.... An heirloom bag started on my old machine and finished off on the new gave me an opportunity to try out some of the embroidery stitch