How to Spoil a Fun Task

We have (had) a pottery pig that we put coppers in and 2 euro coins with a view to having a fortune to spend on ourselves at Christmas time.  Or even to cover the costs of Christmas.

The pig has no way to get into it other than smashing with a hammer.

I looked forward to it.  It was going to be so satisfying.

 I hit it a good whack.

Yep.  The money all spilled out and I gathered it into a plastic bag.  Next stop the bank. I hope they have a sorting machine.

After discarding the foreign money (!who put that in there!)

No the bank does not have a sorting machine. Home again with the money and a load of these plastic thingys.

So begins the long long long job of sorting the money and putting it into the little plastic thingys.  Of course I ran out of some of them and will have to go back to the bank once again to get more before we can give them the change and get some real money back.

As far as we can tell - and to be honest we got sick of counting - its around 120 euros.  Not a fortune but not a kick in the pants either.


  1. What a shame to smash the pig :o( I'll stick to reading numbers on my bank statement ;o))

    1. Yes I did feel a little sad about having to smash the pig but they are only about 4 or 5 euros on the market to buy and so we shall replace him with another identical one. Meanwhile the bits are in the garden among the flowers.


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