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Well that was Yule!

This year we had two of our children over from the UK for Yule. This was cause for great excitement, last year we were on our own and to be honest it was a little strange - well after thirty years of having a large noisy family at Yuletide it was odd to be just us. The olive harvest continued until the last moment, the trailer turned up (Hoorah!) and we sent 1,154kg of olives down to the Cooperative.  There are still a lot of trees with olives on but they will have to wait until the New Year.  We finally put the tree and decorations up just two days before Christmas day. I had a bit of a shock when I picked up the turkey.  For the last three years we have had our own geese and haven't had to worry about the centrepiece of the Christmas lunch. This year I ordered a turkey from our local supermarket.  I vaguely remembered that when the children were little and grandparents were invited for the special day I would order a 10lb turkey. Since I had organised a

Olive Harvest 2016

The olive harvest began.  And, as is becoming traditional for us, we were unable to start on the first day.  Never mind, it isn't a race, just so long as we get all the olives off the trees and down to the Co-operativa before the end of the harvest then we will be laughing.  Fergus knew exactly what was going on and settled down into his Supervisors chair the moment we put it out. On the first day the weather was fantastic.  The day started early but even so we could hear neighbours in their fincas with their leaf blowers and mechanical tree shakers burring away before we had even finished our breakfast.  We decided to start at the gate with one of the bigger trees.  We figure that if we do the trees that are visible to our neighbours as they pass then at least they will think we are on top of things.  If we flag later and can't finish all our trees they may never know.  There is a great sense of solidarity with our neighbours as we work and receive cheery waves, calls of

How to Spoil a Fun Task

We have (had) a pottery pig that we put coppers in and 2 euro coins with a view to having a fortune to spend on ourselves at Christmas time.  Or even to cover the costs of Christmas. The pig has no way to get into it other than smashing with a hammer. I looked forward to it.  It was going to be so satisfying.  I hit it a good whack. Yep.  The money all spilled out and I gathered it into a plastic bag.  Next stop the bank. I hope they have a sorting machine. After discarding the foreign money (!who put that in there!) No the bank does not have a sorting machine. Home again with the money and a load of these plastic thingys. So begins the long long long job of sorting the money and putting it into the little plastic thingys.  Of course I ran out of some of them and will have to go back to the bank once again to get more before we can give them the change and get some real money back. As far as we can tell - and to be honest we got sick of cou

Bailando Sevillanas

The title basically means Sevillanas Dancing.  Sevillanas is what we Brits would call flamenco.  The word flamenco does exist in Spain but how it differs from Sevillanas I am yet to establish.  Anyway.. classes in Bailando Sevillanas began in our village in September and along with a couple of other very brave British ladies we have been meeting regularly every week here... Valentina showing off her moves in front of the Centro Civico This is the village community hall/theatre.  It's even got a ticket office hatch thingy.  Very cute.  You just imagine all the people who waited in line scratching at the hatch with their coins as they waited to buy an entrance ticket. Its not an especially pretty building but it's a very good space for the village, it is used for celebrations like the Halloween party or the New Years eve party and for the putting on of plays and musical evenings and other such entertainments during Cultural Week which happens in May. These are my