We have been blessed with loads of visitors this last couple of months and it has been a blessing because its stopped us brooding over the lack of progress on the outdoor kitchen.

Repairs made on the base of the oven
 But at last, just before our last set of visitors arrived the builders returned and did some work on the bread oven and assembled the BBQ.

Chimney hole cut in the roof
A couple of days later they returned to do a little more work on the chimneys.

Both chimneys now go through the roof and are hopefully watertight (no doubt we shall see in due course).
I asked when I could light a fire in the oven and was told 'now'.  Except that I can't really, because I need the area to be cleaned up a bit.  There are jobs for Steve to finish and a final job or two for the builder to complete before it is really ready to use as a kitchen.

A piece of granite is needed here, between the BBQ and the oven, so that I can roll out pizza dough or knead bread.

The top of the bar is still to be tiled.

All this clutter is to be put away on the shelves so that we can tile the work surface.

But the shelves need to be grouted before I can put anything away.

The front of the bar is still to be grouted too.

The thermometer for the front of the oven door never turned up in spite of numerous phone calls and a months wait.  I wouldn't mind but the door has a hole in it without the thermometer.  I know that the thermometer is not accurate but it is an indication of temperatures rising or falling and that could be very useful.

And.... the BBQ tray looks to me like it is for a much larger model.  Why so much bigger than the rest of it?  Yet the builder says its correct.  Ho Hum.  Steve is going to slice a bit off the back of it and bend it so that coals won't spill out and then it should sit flush to the rest of the BBQ.

The floor will be tiled last of all.  The new deadline is Christmas.  If you don't set deadlines you often don't finish a task at all... mind you our deadlines on this one have not really been of much help, but the rest of the jobs are mostly down to Steve now so... fingers crossed.  It's not as if we have an olive harvest looming and any other jobs to do now is it?

Talking of the festive season,  I am not prepared at all... barely begun to think of it actually... no gifts made this year... what did I do all summer?  Ah yes the fleece and the spinning... oh and the swimming pool.  I'm going to pay now for my earlier laziness!

But for now the sun is shining and my washing is blowing dry in a gentle breeze and I am sat on the veranda having a moan to you dear readers. All I need now is a cup of tea (which I am going to make in just a moment).... Ah this truly is the life!  Just to make clear... there is not a hint of sarcasm in that last statement... I have to pinch myself on a daily basis to make sure I am not dreaming... we truly are enjoying every moment of our Spanish adventure.  It is the moments when things don't go as planned that make all the other moments seem like 'dreams come true'.


  1. Your outdoor kitchen is looking wonderful - I am so jealous! You might want to use the barbecue a few times before you modify the coal tray; there could be a reason it sticks out so far. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Wilma, we did consider 'there might be a reason' scenario but our other bbq has the tray fitting flush and we couldn't think of a sensible reason for it so I think it will be cut.... it gets in the way jutting out like that anyway.

  2. Debrazzawoman - thank you so much for your thoughtful comment which I was certain I ticked to publish but it has disappeared so perhaps I was a bit slapdash and it was deleted in error. I really value all comments so please know that I did read it and had every intention of publishing it.

  3. You sound very positive Jane, it's good to see your progress. Please send some of that warm breeze here. We have stormy weather and I can't do any washing until it moves on.

    1. Hi Ilona, I think that human beings have a tendency to focus on the negative and it takes a bit of brain training to see the positive in everything... but it can be done! I try very hard to always see the positive side... usually a bit of a moan helps though lol. Our lovely sunny weather is set to continue for a bit yet. Hope you get your washing dry!


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