Autumnal Pictures

We try every year to last as long as possible before lighting the fire but it is usually around about the first week of November.  And this year has been no exception.  When the days start to get a little chilly we usually opt for an extra jumper and then perhaps a blanket when curled up on the couch in front of the tv.  But if it rains, then its really got to be a day when we light the fire.

The dampness in the air just makes the house uncomfortable and I can't bear cold AND damp.

You might expect Autumnal photographs to be the changing colours in the trees but we don't really have that.  The olives are evergreen.  But at this time of year the olives themselves start to turn purple and then black.  We have already picked some for curing and the rest will be harvested for oil in December.

The very damp autumn that we are having has resulted in a lot of fungi sprouting all over the place.  They are picturesque in a slightly scary way.

While walking the finca we came across a tragedy.

I believe it is a fox.  A tragedy because I hate to think of an injured or dying animal on the finca and we didn't know about it.  But its the circle of life I guess.  Only the head remains, who knows where the rest of it went?  Another fox took it perhaps.  Why it died?  A mystery.

For the moment it is staying where it is and when all the little critters have cleaned the skull we will take it for the nature table.  When I was a girl at primary school we had a nature table and if you found anything interesting while out playing you could bring it in.  It's a great learning opportunity.

I have a basket where I put fallen birds nests, interesting shaped rocks, shells, some seeds, pine cones, a slice of oak tree showing all the rings, a sheep's horn and some acorns.  The skull will take pride of place in the basket as something interesting for nature loving visitors to look at.  The basket is always a great favourite with visiting children.  I can't stop thinking that this fox must be the one that ate our chickens last year... and somehow it really is fitting that he/she has come back to us in this way.


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