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Not entirely a post about the bread oven I promise... but because this is something I have wanted to do like.... FOREVER, I have decided to devote a whole new blog to cooking with fire.  If you aren't interested in that side of our life here in Spain then you can easily ignore it, but if you fancy keeping up with what is happening in the outdoor kitchen then you just need to click HERE or follow the link that will be permanently on view in the right hand bar further down this page (under the heading Some other sites I enjoy reading).

Just to finish off the bread oven story started in the last post... The pot of soup was cooked by morning and I turned it into lunch by adding some meatballs.  I fired up the oven again and it took a much shorter time to get up to temperature, only about an hour, which I think was due to it still being a little warm to start with.  And.... no more smoke coming from the outside of the dome.  So.... altogether Jane is a very happy bunny and all I need to do now is practice, practice, practice.

Other news....

While I have been distracted by the kitchen, other things have been going on.  Fergus has been a little under the weather.  He came back from the hairdressers with a slight nick on his back.  This wasn't of too much concern to us, it does happen occasionally and it didn't seem to bother him.  Until the night I woke up to hear him slobbering over something and when I investigated he was covered in blood and had eaten a rather horrid hole in his back.

We cleaned it and put a cone on him but it didn't heal and so we were off to the vets where an infection was diagnosed.  Two weeks later the infection hadn't cleared up and so more antibiotics were required.

It has now been a couple of months and the vet says its fine and is healing, but it is still pretty odd looking and although he needs a haircut really badly... we are a bit iffy about taking him back.

The recent rains brought out the millipedes, thousands of them (I kid you not).  They started with the first rains in October and we were still using the pool at that time and before swimming it was a case of fishing out the millipedes first.

They are strange creatures that don't appear to have any purpose but are always seen striding purposefully off on some mission.  It's a mystery.  It's also a mystery how they get into the sink or into the bathroom or half way up the wall in the sitting room.  It's a bit creepy but as far as we know they are harmless, they give off a slight chemical-like smell if you try to squish them but don't seem to have any secret weapons and thankfully they have pretty much disappeared now... until next autumn.

As we are well into autumn the evenings are dark early and we don't feel much like venturing out,  but when we did, we discovered that the town is actually really busy at around 8pm (in the dark)!  Children are out playing, the play parks are full, mums chatting away while the kids run around willy nilly.  It was bizarre ... to me, when I was a kid, home time was always when the street lights came on... and woe betide if we were late.  It was nice to see people reclaiming the night, going about their business as if it were in daylight.  At that time I am usually about ready to don the pj's and snuggle up on the sofa... and on that note a quick glance at the clock tells me I must go.


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