All Work and No Play

...makes for a very dull summer indeed.  And since this year is a bit of a personal milestone for us (being our 30th wedding anniversary) we decided to buy ourselves a treat.

ta da!

Just a hop skip and a jump from the house
 We also finished penning up the chickens which means that I can now concentrate on beautifying the garden area without having everything I plant dug up again, or eaten.

I have in mind some more Oleander and some more citrus trees and perhaps some almonds too since the blossom in spring is just wonderful to see and to smell.  It's also that time of year again - the figs have mostly all dried and dropped from the trees and already we have seen bags of figs being delivered to the cooperative.

We have gathered most of ours up but we still have to sort them and bag them and then we wait for the phone call (its done in alphabetical order) to tell us when to take them down.  The car is weighed with the bags in and then offloaded and weighed again.  We never know how much we are going to get for the figs... perhaps no one knows but I suspect we are ignorant of a lot of what goes on due to our limited language abilities but its a nice surprise when money turns up in your bank account after you have forgotten all about it.  But don't get too excited, its never that much money.

And after all the hard work raking and sorting and bagging the figs... there is nothing quite like a dip in the pool!


  1. Lovely! We only have a plastic plunge pool but it's invaluable on hot days, it would be hard to keep going without it.....refreshed regularly from the icy cold well.

    1. Its a cool 21C at the moment which is feeling almost chilly for us but we expect the temperatures to rise again later this week back into the 30's so yes you are right... its a very hard summer without somewhere to cool off.

  2. Congrats on your anniversary and what a great gift to yourselves!

  3. What a fabulous 'treat'! It must be so refreshing after working in the blistering heat that you have over there. Enjoy!!!!

    1. Thank you Janice we are really enjoying it and now we wonder why it took us so long to get around to it.


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