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Passing the Time Usefully

The heat continues unabated and we have settled into a routine of sorts.  Up early to walk the dog and perhaps do a little work on the finca.  You might wonder why Steve is wearing gloves and long sleeves and trousers when the temperature, even so early, is very hot.  Last year when he did not he ended up with huge blisters on his skin.  It is caused by something the fig tree secretes that is an irritant and is exacerbated by exposure to uv rays and can produce such horrific blisters that end up scarring for life. So... who thought it was a good idea for Adam and Eve to use fig leaves to hide their embarrassment?   We discovered that we have another purple fig tree.  (not this one) It didn't produce last year so we had no idea.  When dried (which is how we sell our figs) the purple ones are classed as 'bad' at the co-op and we don't get very much money for them at all so we decided to use them fresh, in salad, for breakfast, in jam.... Which Steve

It's No Fun...

.... being a hairy dog in weather this hot! Poor Fergus is not really enjoying the summer so far.  Even after a haircut he is still very warm and we try to plan our days to accommodate the fact that he is suffering, after all he feels the same heat we do plus he is wearing a fur coat.  Alas Fergus is not a normal dog - what is normal anyway?  Irregardless of whether this is our fault (yes I know that it is usually the owner at fault) or not... he doesn't always behave like a dog.  I am not sure he thinks he is a dog.  Perhaps he just sees himself as a different member of the family, and to be honest, we quite often think of him like that too. In an effort to escape the 40C plus temperatures we have been several times to our favourite lake - Proserpina . Fergus is not fond of water.  He rarely goes anywhere near it by choice.  He would stand in the shallows and bark at us in the hope that we would come out of the water... but we had other ideas. Dogs seem to