Life is a Bowl of Cherries!

Its been two weeks since I blogged - so sorry for the pause.  Things have been busy and we are still behind in the jobs to be done.  Hay making is way behind... this year we have someone who wants our hay which is great news.  Mostly we end up with haystacks dotted about the finca which very slowly get smaller and smaller as they collapse in on themselves until finally in the October rains they turn to small wet hillocks.  Not very pretty but we don't really have a use for hay beyond the little we keep to line the hens nesting boxes.

But Steve got himself a new toy for grass cutting....

And it certainly goes through the grass quickly leaving only the edges and around the rocks to be strimmed or scythed off by hand.  Which is all well and good but finding the time to do it has been very hard.

We have two volunteers arriving tomorrow for a week - our last of the season as it has suddenly got very very warm and the amount of hours you can work in this heat is very limited.  Anyway, we are going to make a concerted effort to get all the hay cut in a week.  Its normally a month long job - we shall see how that turns out!  On the veggie front, cucumbers are growing very well... courgettes are starting to grow and the lettuce has been prolific - if covered in ants.  The ants are proving an issue, again, and I am toying with the idea of spray at the beginning of the season which goes against all my principles of letting nature do her own thing etc... I am also getting fed up of the ants crawling up my legs when hanging out the washing so I think a proper path is now going onto the 'to-do' list.

The spinning continues though less now because of the heat.  The processing of the wool is taking forever but the end result is worth it and I am quite excited about the prospect of knitting something to wear through the winter weeks.  But what?  I can't ever settle on anything... we shall keep scouring the knitting patterns and see what appeals.

Other than that... Life is indeed a bowl of cherries ... but wouldn't you know it, the photograph I took of my bowl of cherries wouldn't upload - who knows why, life is like that sometimes, but its still a bowl of cherries even if you can't see it.  (There is bowl of cherries right at the back behind the rest of the fruit).

Jammin' this morning with plums, fresh juicy apricots and nectarines still to be done.  The cherries?  Just for eating.  Somehow life is just better with a huge bowl of ripe fruit in front of you.


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