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The Heat is ON!

We Brits like to complain about the weather.  Of course its not just us, if you travel at all you will quickly discover that most cultures have a tradition of comment, complaint and general discussion about the weather on a daily basis.  Its just that with the changeability of British weather it gives you more scope for conversation during the course of a day, all the same, for beginners in Spanish such as we are, the weather is a very good place to start with the locals. The general consensus is that yes it is hot (daily temperatures here at currently around 38C - 41C in the shade of our veranda that is) but also that it's summer so what do you expect?  And at that point there is very little else to say on the subject... unless of course you happen to be British. The day starts hot, usually after a restless night of tossing and turning and desperately seeking out the 'cold' spot on the pillow or sheet.  Towels are put on our pillowcases to soak up the drips from sweaty

Cock a Doodle Dooooo!

The last round of chicks that we had turned out to be three cockerels and two hens.  We were very disappointed to see so many cockerels - but unfortunately its the way of things.  As the cockerels grow they start to challenge each other and then, when they feel brave enough, they have a go at Raul our 'head' honcho. The disruption caused by teenage cockerels on the main flock cannot be underestimated.  One hen has obviously been getting stressed and has started pecking feathers out of the backs of the others. The two full grown black hens stopped laying and since they weren't broody I could only assume that they were also stressed, whether because of the feather pecking or the presence of three young cockerels I don't know.  We assume that the one brown hen who still has all her back feathers is the one doing the pecking. Raul taking guard duty very seriously. The last time we had cockerel chicks we left them a little too long before culling - even

Life is a Bowl of Cherries!

Its been two weeks since I blogged - so sorry for the pause.  Things have been busy and we are still behind in the jobs to be done.  Hay making is way behind... this year we have someone who wants our hay which is great news.  Mostly we end up with haystacks dotted about the finca which very slowly get smaller and smaller as they collapse in on themselves until finally in the October rains they turn to small wet hillocks.  Not very pretty but we don't really have a use for hay beyond the little we keep to line the hens nesting boxes. But Steve got himself a new toy for grass cutting.... And it certainly goes through the grass quickly leaving only the edges and around the rocks to be strimmed or scythed off by hand.  Which is all well and good but finding the time to do it has been very hard. We have two volunteers arriving tomorrow for a week - our last of the season as it has suddenly got very very warm and the amount of hours you can work in this heat is very limi