No Goodbye

You may remember a little while ago I wrote a post about our walk to language lessons.  We take this walk twice a week on average, with several shorter walks that take us part of the way on non school days.  We would meet up with Fergus's friend who we simply called Little Black Girl because we didn't know her name.

This last week Fergus rushed up to her gate and waited with his tail wagging as per usual.  She didn't appear.

We have passed several times since and she hasn't come out to play or come with us on our walk.  Fergus hangs on and on waiting for her to come out before finally giving up and running after us.

Today I met her owner on the lane and asked him where his dog was.  Sadly she died.  He doesn't know what was wrong.  She simply passed away in her sleep.  He is so upset that he doesn't want to have another dog, ever.  We understand.  Fergus does not.


  1. Oh poor doggie, and poor Fergus for missing his friend. Give him a hug from me. xxx


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