Well almost!  Wooster is out of his cage and his plaster is off.  If ever a cat had a look of relief on his face it is him.

He walks a little stiffly - understandable - and he is not really able to jump up, which could be more to do with the wasting of muscle or stiffness due to inactivity than the actual break itself.  He is due to get an x ray on Tuesday next and the orders from the vet were to keep him in the house for a month and a half.

I am all for following doctors instructions where I am able but I know that it will be impossible to confine him to the house for that length of time.

We only really have one room and when the weather is so nice it is such a shame to keep the door closed, but we will try, even though we know that one day he will be waiting to spring through the door just as we open it!

It has been a stressful time while he was in such pain and on top of all of that we had family visitors and four volunteers staying so I am feeling quite exhausted now.  Our last two volunteers will be cycling away tomorrow morning heading in the general direction of France.

 And... a little more excitement for me... I saw Jose the shepherd in the village this week and he said he would call me when the sheep shearer is coming which should be very soon and then I can talk to him about buying a couple of fleeces.  Whooo hooo!  I shall be back at the spinning very soon.


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