Back to the Real World with a BUMP!

Our family visitors are gone and we are feeling sad.  We had the best of times.

Not only did we get to show them the places we love but we also got to experience something totally new.

Recortes de Toros!  A few questions to the locals beforehand revealed that this isn't a bullfight and there are no animals killed or hurt at all.  Tickets were purchased and as we waited while the spectators arrived we felt a certain amount of excitement, tinged with a little anxiety since we really did not know for sure what we were in for.

What a spectacle it was!

The bull charges and the Recortedor (or Recortedora - since there were two girls doing it too) moves out of the way just at the last moment... it's very dangerous.

... or... the bull charges and the Recortedor runs towards the bull and then leaps, somersaulting, over the top of it!

It was very exciting.  ... and we really enjoyed it and would go again in a moment.

We did Conquistadors.....

and we did Romans...

We also played with chickens and did a lot of stork watching....

And then we waved goodbye to our visitors and life returned to normal... almost.

This is Wooster our beautiful boy cat who we brought from England with us.  Just before our visitors arrived Wooster had a very painful looking chin, very swollen and very red, so we took him to the vet.  It turned out to be feline acne.  Which is not as funny as it sounds.  We had to give him antibiotics and treat his chin with cream and scheduled a return visit to the vets once our visitors had gone.

Yesterday we returned to the vet with his chin looking very much better.  The vet wanted to do a blood test, 20 minutes later Wooster was diagnosed with FIV - the feline equivalent of HIV.  Since he is basically in good health the only concern is for our other cat, who may or may not, be likewise infected.

This morning Wooster did not turn up for breakfast, when he finally did come home he was limping badly... his back left leg hanging ominously loose.  Back to the vet we went.

Two xray's later and it is confirmed that he has a broken leg.  We have brought him home with pain killers and anti inflammatories while we wait a phone call from the vet to tell us when he is scheduled for surgery.  We are exhausted.  Our wonderful memories of holiday times have been pushed to the back by the worry and anxiety, which I am sure all those who have pets will well understand.

In other news... although we had some wonderful weather while our visitors were here its actually quite grim out there at the moment and we are due some heavy rain tomorrow.  It seems it never rains but it pours.


  1. Aww so sorry to hear of Wooster's troubles. I understand perfectly as we are having problems with our little man at the moment, such a worry. I hope Wooster gets his leg fixed OK. Thinking positive thoughts

  2. Wooster's operation is planned for tomorrow 10am so all your positive thoughts are very very welcome... until then we have him home in a cage with anti-inflammatory injections to administer ourselves - they don't seem to be working since his paw has ballooned alarmingly. Back to the vet tonight I think. hey ho.


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