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Wonderful Wool - I think...

The phone call from the shepherd came and we headed off to his corale with a certain amount of excitement on my part.  The shearer had already gone and the fleeces were bagged up ready and waiting for the lorry that would come to collect them...  There you go announced the shepherd... how much do you want?

I was a little confused.  The wool was all jumbled up and most of it incredibly dirty.  This isn't how I had seen sheep fleece in the UK.  Or on Youtube which is where most of my experience of spinning and spinning related facts come from.

Most of the websites or blogs on the matter talk about spreading the fleece out and skirting it, or discarding the short legs and underbellies and the dirty bits leaving the longest bits for processing.  This wasn't like that.  All the fleeces had been scooped up from a dirty shed floor where they had lain while the shearer was doing his thing and complete with loads of crud, stuffed unceremoniously into a large sack.

I don't want the…


Well almost!  Wooster is out of his cage and his plaster is off.  If ever a cat had a look of relief on his face it is him.

He walks a little stiffly - understandable - and he is not really able to jump up, which could be more to do with the wasting of muscle or stiffness due to inactivity than the actual break itself.  He is due to get an x ray on Tuesday next and the orders from the vet were to keep him in the house for a month and a half.

I am all for following doctors instructions where I am able but I know that it will be impossible to confine him to the house for that length of time.

We only really have one room and when the weather is so nice it is such a shame to keep the door closed, but we will try, even though we know that one day he will be waiting to spring through the door just as we open it!

It has been a stressful time while he was in such pain and on top of all of that we had family visitors and four volunteers staying so I am feeling quite exhausted now.  Our last tw…

No Goodbye

You may remember a little while ago I wrote a post about our walk to language lessons.  We take this walk twice a week on average, with several shorter walks that take us part of the way on non school days.  We would meet up with Fergus's friend who we simply called Little Black Girl because we didn't know her name.

This last week Fergus rushed up to her gate and waited with his tail wagging as per usual.  She didn't appear.

We have passed several times since and she hasn't come out to play or come with us on our walk.  Fergus hangs on and on waiting for her to come out before finally giving up and running after us.

Today I met her owner on the lane and asked him where his dog was.  Sadly she died.  He doesn't know what was wrong.  She simply passed away in her sleep.  He is so upset that he doesn't want to have another dog, ever.  We understand.  Fergus does not.
While Wooster, the cat with the broken leg, was in the clinic in Caceres we did a little site seeing.  Caceres is not my favourite city - actually I don't really like cities at all - and the last time we were there it was raining.  It rained this time too.

We bimbled around, drank coffee, went into the museum and climbed towers.  Finally we received the phone call to say that Wooster was out of surgery and all had gone well.  Unfortunately we couldn't take him home until 8pm so we came home had something quick to eat, a short siesta and then headed back to the city to collect him.

Exhausted.  Wooster appears to be in fine fettle.  He is of course, not in pain which works wonders for the temperament.

He can't figure out how to walk with his funny sticky out leg.  He can't get into the cat litter tray and so he simply wets himself (and we are supposed to keep the bandage dry!) and doing number 2's seems to be impossible for him as they have taped his tail in the do…

Back to the Real World with a BUMP!

Our family visitors are gone and we are feeling sad.  We had the best of times.

Not only did we get to show them the places we love but we also got to experience something totally new.

Recortes de Toros!  A few questions to the locals beforehand revealed that this isn't a bullfight and there are no animals killed or hurt at all.  Tickets were purchased and as we waited while the spectators arrived we felt a certain amount of excitement, tinged with a little anxiety since we really did not know for sure what we were in for.

What a spectacle it was!

The bull charges and the Recortedor (or Recortedora - since there were two girls doing it too) moves out of the way just at the last moment... it's very dangerous.

... or... the bull charges and the Recortedor runs towards the bull and then leaps, somersaulting, over the top of it!

It was very exciting.  ... and we really enjoyed it and would go again in a moment.

We did Conquistadors.....

and we did Romans...

We also played with ch…