Solar Eclipse - Did you see it?

Here in Spain the eclipse was only partial and the weather forecast dismal.  We didn't hold out any hopes of seeing anything.

The day before the eclipse I came down with a crushing headache which paracetamol wouldn't shift.  My headache was still there this morning and I totally forgot about the eclipse until Steve returning from the weekly post office run shouted for me to come out and look.

It was cold, I was in my pj's with a shawl wrapped around my shoulders and a crushing headache stood on a damp and wind swept veranda feeling in awe.

I know what an eclipse is... I understand the science (in spite of what my physics teacher might have said) and still I am in awe.  Mother Nature is truly awesome.

Maybe that's what is causing my headache I said (very unscientific)... Burn the Witch!  Was the unscientific response.... mmmmm maybe we haven't come so far since our cavemen ancestors cowered in fear while the world went dark during the daytime.


  1. We missed it altogether. We also had a very dull cloudy day, but with the odd shot of sunshine. We had an unexpected visitor and were in and out all the time looking at the poultry and bees and whatever, but didn't notice a thing. The capital had about 53% so maybe not so surprising.

    Hope your headache lifts soon

    1. I don't think you really missed very much. One tweet I got from the UK (London) said... it might have gone dark but that could be my imagination... which direction is the sun?.... and so it was for most of europe sadly... I think the photo's the bbc posted were taken in space... or above the weather at least.

    2. ...oh and the headache? mysteriously easing... haven't needed any painkillers today.... cue x files music.


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