Ready and Waiting!

I promised you some photographs of what Steve has been making for our very special little visitor who is coming next week.... ta da!

The posts have been set in concrete so it is very sturdy....

... the view is great so you could imagine that you were flying through the air.

I would have preferred the rope to be a little thicker but that's because I am old fashioned.

This nylon cord has a breaking strength of 900kg which is a little more than will be required for the job but it feels very fine and I was a little nervous when I had a go.....

It's been a long time since I went on a swing.

Steve had the first go, just to reassure me that it was safe...not because he was enjoying himself.

And then I sat for a while watching the chickens scratch around the meadow.

The orange kidney vetch is in bloom with a lot more to come yet... soon the meadow will be a sea of orange.  And then we shall have to cut the grass before it gets too long.

But for the moment everything looks just perfect.  Holy Week is coming up and we have a lot planned with our visitors so I may not be blogging again until after Easter.  Unless something really fun happens then I shall definitely let you all know.  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Lucky chickens having all that greenery. A nice relaxing place to sit and watch them.

  2. give it a couple of months and it will all be brown and frazzled!

  3. Happy Easter to you and Steve. Love reading about all you have been doing.

  4. Happy holidays, enjoy your visitors.


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