Everything! All at Once!

For several weeks now I have been looking forward to the ground being warm enough to sow some seeds, to plant more trees, to get some plug plant veggies in to the vegetable patch.  Waiting and waiting and being anxious to start but telling myself I have to be patient.

The wild lupin are just starting to flower.
 ....and then... all of a sudden everything needs doing all at once!  We were given some Mimosa saplings and have been planting those.

Thinking carefully about where to put them as they send up suckers and I don't want them to be too close to other plants that could be overwhelmed.  Still to come is a walnut tree and a bay and a quince - all for free or bartered for frozen goose.  Permanent fencing around the vegetable garden is almost ready.

Soon the hens will be banned from the vegetable patch and I can start planting some vegetables.  There is such promise in the air at this time of year... my kiwi that I thought had been eaten beyond recovery (by the geese last year) is now unfurling new leaves and if it likes it in the veggie plot then I shall plant it beside the gate and we can trail it on the fence.

.....and the plum and peach saplings and the crab apples are in blossom.

The sun is shining and the finca is turning various shades of pink and blue and yellow as the wild flowers start to bloom and while the grass is still green everything looks wonderful.

It has been a very dry winter however and we are already adding water to sensitive plants in the garden.  We hope that the rain forecast for later this week is a real good soaking which will liven everything up a bit and refill the water blimp.

The chicks are growing and both them and mummy hen are becoming stir crazy and we think the temporary netting will have to come down soon and allow them out to forage in the finca.

The other hens seem to have lost interest in the chicks and Raul the cockerel is only interested in reminding mummy hen that she belongs to him.  The chicks will need to be a bit bigger yet before we can let them out  of the temporary run so that they can keep up with mummy when she runs away from Raul.

The annual tidy up of the veranda took place with all the stuff that we just dumped there in passing being put away and now it looks like an inviting place to spend time.  We were checked out very closely by a pair of Swallows who thankfully decided that the veranda was not suitable for a nest site.  As wonderful as it would have been to watch the comings and goings, they make a terrible mess and I can do without that.

The downstairs bedroom is complete and ready for our first visitors who arrive at the end of this month.

I am very pleased with it, although the concertina door is not my favourite, it was the thrifty option since we already had it and we haven't made the house any darker with the addition of a wall there.  Hoorah... result!

A T bag delivery arrived from the UK and we breathed a sigh of relief.  You can buy English tea bags here but we like Assam which you cannot get... although we have seen it in loose tea form at a fancy shop in the nearby town.  But very very expensive to buy.  So anyone who sends us Assam tea bags from the UK instantly becomes our favourite best friends ever!  This lot will keep us going for a while!

Spanish classes continue and we are improving, although it often feels like two steps forward and one back - so long as we keep managing the forward bit we should be ok.  The only downside to the classes is that they take up two mornings and then market day takes up another morning and once lunch is done and dusted there seems to be very little time to get any serious work done in the afternoons.  The week goes by so quickly and we find that we haven't really achieved what we hoped.  Which is frustrating... but then writing it all down here on the blog and I find myself thinking... goodness we have been busy and we have done a lot!

And finally... this week.  We heard the first cuckoo of 2015.  A perfect excuse to open up a bottle of something fizzy.  Here's to spring!


  1. We WILL catch you up, there are more signs of spring every day, like blossom and storks returning. But we need some of your dry. I agree that this time of the year is so exciting, and like your kiwi, we have seen things we thought were lost re-shoot.

    Your chicks are looking great, they grow so amazingly quickly don't they? Don't worry too much about your cockerel, he has more important things on his mind at this time of the year. There will be the odd peck from the others, chickens being chickens, but they'll survive.


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