Back to School

The sun is shining (in fact the sun is so bright many of my photographs have come out looking very pale and wishy washy) the sky is blue... but don't be fooled the wind is from the north and its quite cold!

We have been taking Spanish lessons for about a month now.  The classes are held in the teacher's house which is about a mile away from our own place.  Today, we are off to school for the third time this week (making up for a missed class earlier in the month).

Outside our gate we turn left 

Just up the road a bit and we meet 'Black Girl' who often comes with us on our walks, sometimes the whole way but sometimes only a part of the way.

She is a really friendly lively girl.

Past Black Girl's house the road starts to climb.

There are numerous spring flowers starting to appear along the edge of the lanes.

The lane continues to climb past several little finca's.

An almond tree is in full blossom.

Can you see the white blob in the centre of the photograph?  That is the teacher's house where we have our lessons.  As the crow flies it would only take us about 15 minutes to reach her but the lanes wind about a bit and it takes us 40 minutes on foot.

Senor vecino's broad beans are very tall.  We are very jealous, we missed the broad bean planting time this year.

These are wild lupins not blooming yet but there are loads of them starting to appear up and down the lanes.  They will make a wonderful show when they come into flower.

Today the sheep weren't interested in us.  They have little lambs with them and they were all making a lot of noise. The appearance of lambs does not necessarily mean spring is here (although I think it is... but I won't call it spring until the weather warms up a little).  The local livestock seem to give birth at all times of the year irregardless of the season.  Takes a bit of getting used to.

The road widens and forks...

We take the right fork.

Past the cows in the field to the left, where we saw a single stork this morning but were not quick enough to catch it on camera before it flew away.

Coming down for a drink.

A sharp turn left. and up the narrow concreted road (only just big enough for a car).

And the house comes into view.

The teacher's house (which is also a Casa Rural - a bed and breakfast establishment)

There's still a way to go....

School gates... 

Naughty step?

The front door.

The view from the playground.

And here we are all hard at work (including Fergus).

Is our Spanish improving?  Well ... of course it has to, but since many of us are no longer in our first flush it can be a bit of a struggle - getting the old grey cells to wake up, if you see what I mean.  Iva is a very good teacher and because she also speaks excellent English we are able to ask all sorts of language and culture related questions that have been foxing us for a long time.  I never found school so enjoyable when I was a child and although I used to walk to school I never enjoyed the walk so much either.  Even if the brain is not as quick any more there are definite advantages to growing older.  


  1. It's lovely to see something of others' areas, thank you for taking the photos.

    We are having real trouble with Bulgarian, and the cyrillic alphabet, more me as I don't go out much in winter so don't use what I have learned through the summer. But we get by and have a laugh just the same.

  2. I think it takes a special kind of dedication to learn a language on your own. We struggled by ourselves for two years and would have learned more if we had applied ourselves... but we didn't. We are getting on much better now we have a teacher but at least we are using the same alphabet lol!

  3. Lovely blog Jane. Photos realy capture the essence of your life out there. can identify with learning new things as you get older but it does keep you feeling young!

  4. We have had two years of learning new things and I am not sure we feel very young lol! But we are determined to give it our best shot because we love it here and want to be able to take advantage of everything that the area has to offer. It can only get better and better... it has so far.


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