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They don't make them like they used to!

Many many years ago... like 25... we were expecting our fourth child and didn't have a great deal of money.  We were faced with the usual problem of small house and lots of children (and their toys) and very little storage space.  Wondering what we were going to do about sleeping arrangements a friend of ours offered us two bunk beds and a large American cot for a very reasonable amount of money. The beds and the cot were pine and she had used them for her sons who were now teenagers and on the verge of leaving home.  So the beds were a decent age when we bought them.  Our kids used them really well.  They could be bunk beds or they could be two singles and although the mattresses were replaced the beds themselves just seemed to go on and on and on. We brought the beds with us to Spain as we thought they would be useful.  But when we bought this place we inherited four single beds and it seemed that our pine (now painted grey) bunk beds had served their purpose.  We dismantled

Back to School

The sun is shining (in fact the sun is so bright many of my photographs have come out looking very pale and wishy washy) the sky is blue... but don't be fooled the wind is from the north and its quite cold! We have been taking Spanish lessons for about a month now.  The classes are held in the teacher's house which is about a mile away from our own place.  Today, we are off to school for the third time this week (making up for a missed class earlier in the month). Outside our gate we turn left  Just up the road a bit and we meet 'Black Girl' who often comes with us on our walks, sometimes the whole way but sometimes only a part of the way. She is a really friendly lively girl. Past Black Girl's house the road starts to climb. There are numerous spring flowers starting to appear along the edge of the lanes. The lane continues to climb past several little finca's. An almond tree is in full blossom. C

A Lost World

They do say that the older you get the worse your short term memory becomes but the recollection of your childhood improves.  Well I can't say I am old enough for that yet but today I was reminded of something from my childhood, something I haven't thought about for a very long time.  It was a real blast from the past I can tell you and took me totally by surprise. I was browsing though some of the blogs that I follow and had just read Wildroots Homestead  followed by New Start, New Life in Bulgaria  and suddenly I was struck by a similarity to stories that I enjoyed reading as a child.  Not that either of these blogs are aimed at children but the enjoyment I get from reading about other people's lives in faraway places was the same as the fun I got from reading The Twins series of books by Lucy Fitch Perkins when I was a child. Both the books and the blogs are like eavesdropping into someone else's life, peeping through a curtain and there would be revealed....


Our little black Castillian hen has become broody.  How do we know?  Well she started by basically sitting on the nest (which had three eggs in it) and refusing to come off, protesting loudly when we opened up the nest hatch and then pecking at us when we tried to take the eggs out from under her. So... we decided to pop another three eggs underneath her and let her incubate them.  Its not like we have a shortage of eggs.  Our only issue was that she was in the Eglu.... Which is not suitable for hatching chicks (they would be too small to get out of the nest and couldn't get access to food or water) and is also where the other hens and the cockerel sleep so she wouldn't get any peace and quiet and we would have to disturb her every day to collect the new eggs.  We moved her very quickly to the bachelor house (so called because it is where we kept the extra cockerels before we ate them). We shut her in with fresh food and water and a dust bath.  After a day being shu