The Michaelmas Goose

Earlier in the week we culled one of the geese.  It wasn't too difficult a task but having done it, we felt that the goose deserved to be made into something special.  I didn't feel bad at the time about the killing of the goose but a couple of days later I definitely didn't want to do it again.  I've changed my mind about that once more and I would do it again, but only for a special occasion.  If we had to kill all our own meat we would be mostly vegetarian, only eating meat on high days and holidays.  Well perhaps we ought to be thinking about living like that anyway.  Just a thought.

The goose rested in the fridge for a few days and then the day before it was cooked it I rubbed it all over with Chinese Five Spice and a little olive oil, Some salt and a little pepper.  I stuffed the inside of it with some cut oranges and grated ginger and some crushed sage leaves.

Then it was roasted, very slowly, for several hours, basting frequently.

The table was set properly, a pure white tablecloth (which I then managed to spill wine on... ho hum).  Set for three, because we have a special visitor, our son.  Fresh from the Invictus Games where he won TWO bronze medals for swimming.  A celebration dinner indeed.

We served the goose with noodles and a pineapple and celery sauce along with some braised mushrooms and tempura cauliflower.  Full recipes/how to over at Food from the finca.

I had forgotten to weigh the goose but there was enough meat on it for all three of us with some left over for sandwiches tomorrow.  The meat is dark and very flavourfull, not tough but not melting, in spite of the long slow roast.  I guess you are always going to get that with a free range bird.

All in all I am very content



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