Do Farmer's Get Holidays?

Well these farmers do!  Next week we are off on holiday.  But before we can do that we have a really busy time preparing for our Finca Sitters.  We can't simply lock the door and go away.  There are geese and chickens and cats to think about and they don't appreciate holidays (ours or theirs).  So we put the word about that we needed someone to come and watch the place (and play at being farmers) while we are away.

And Maggie and Katie rose to the challenge, booked their flight and a hire car and will be arriving on Sunday night.  We shall spend a day and a bit with them showing them where everything is and how everything works and the routine for the animals... and then we are off on a road trip to the coast to visit our grand daughter and Maggie and Katie will be enjoying the farmer's life (albeit just a taster).

Katie is only 5 years old so this will be a grand adventure for her.  Finca La Reina is a wonderful place for children who enjoy playing outside.

For children who like to climb rocks, make dens, poke sticks at strange things.

For children who like secret places...

and are not squeamish when they discover the cats present.

For kids who like to look at weird fungus that appears overnight... in white

in purple...

and in yellow....

A place where the chickens are friendly and leave gifts too.

Where a stick is needed in case the geese get excited... what is it with the geese just now?  Our hand reared Carmen is starting to chase us and trying to peck at our feet??

Here they are sleeping peacefully with their heads under their wings... just try to sneak past without waking them.... impossible!

We have painted our guests bedroom so it is clean and bright (and we shall finish off the rest of the house when we get back).

And with the new bedspreads it looks for all the world like we expect Goldilocks to appear.  There is a box of toys for rainy days but Katie is bringing her wellies so the fun won't stop just because it might be wet.  And what a tale she will have to tell when she gets back to her friends in Scotland.

Finca Sitters and Volunteers always needed here.  Families welcomed.  If you fancy it, talk to us and we shall see what we can do.


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