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The Hard Part

Keeping geese has not always been a rewarding experience.  They are noisy, could be aggressive on occasion. They are destructive, they love to peck at things and worry them with their serrated beaks.  We have a gazebo that constantly flaps about because the geese have pecked through the strings.  Steve's brake cables on his bicycle were also damaged. Of course we could have penned them up but we are convinced that free range is the way to go.  They would quickly exhaust the supply of grass in any pen and then it would cost us money to feed them.  If we are going to keep geese they must be happy geese. What's the point of YOU!  We would shout at them when they were particularly annoying.  All the time reassuring ourselves that their point is to provide table meat and that they would be delicious and it would all be worth it. Last year we asked a lady from the village to come and kill the geese for us.  Her reward was one of the geese.  This year we wanted to do it ours

I LOVE....

... this time of year.  The finca looks great and the weather is wonderful and so many things are turning green... even the rocks. So I thought I would share some of my favourite things with you.  The rocks of course. And the trees too. And the strange fungus. And the chickens. And the autumn flowers. And Custard Apples. And parties with friends. This is the life!

Second Spring

I loved September when we lived in the UK.  The change of colours, the harvest, the hedgerow fruits, foraging for wild food and the making of jams and jellies, pickles and preserves.  Here in Spain Autumn is less like autumn and more like a Second Spring.  In fact the locals here call it Secundo Primavera. Experiments in drying of fruit and making of jellies are the order of the day and will be featured on the Food from the Finca site pronto. Almost the instant that September arrived the cooler breezes came too.  The searing summer heat dropped a little and we have had a couple of thunderstorms and good drenchings of rain to make everyone (including the veggie garden) feel fresher.  It is still warm, we are averaging temperatures in the early 20'sC and being able to get out into the garden to work at any time during the day without regard to the sun comes as a bit of a shock. We gathered up the last of our figs and bagged them only to find out that we need to sort them be