The Fig Harvest

This year we took only enough fresh figs for ourselves.  We dried some and we ate some (and continue to eat some).  The rest we have left to dry on the tree and the ground in the Spanish fashion.  We waited to see what our neighbours were doing with theirs so that we know when to start gathering them up.

Its not that easy, well how did I know that would be the case?  I asked someone when the Co-operative would want our figs.  The reply was 'when they are dry'.  I know he was trying to help but in actual fact it was less than helpful.

Some of our neighbours have started gathering up their figs, some have put them into bags and some have left them under the trees - others have put them on mats out in the sun to continue drying.  And we have even seen a large stack of sealed fig bags in the Co-operative yard.  Why? When? What?  As with most things here we are simply having a go and we shall see what happens.  It's always going to be a steep learning curve for us foreigners.

We gave the trees a good shake a day or two ago and then raked up the dry figs into a pile.

The figs were then transported in the wheel barrow to a spot where we could spread them on mats to finish drying.

After a few days we began gathering them up and putting them into sacks.  We don't know if they are dry enough.  We have sorted them as carefully as we could, removing twigs and stones and the inevitable goose down that is floating around the finca everywhere - getting up your nose and in your eyes... (ah the cost of a goose dinner is soooo underestimated!).

The birds have got at quite a few of the figs.  The ants have done a good job on quite a few more but they are all mixed in together ready to go to the Co-operative.  We assume (is this a good idea?) that once there they will be sorted and the worst ones will go towards animal feed so nothing is going to be wasted.  We don't know how many kgs yet or how much money we will get for them.

We are very aware of our lack of knowledge and experience here but we already know more than we did about figs before we came to Spain so in theory anyway... the only way is up!


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