Tuesday, 5 August 2014


And boy is it sweet!

25lbs about 12.5 kg (I couldn't carry it...) and very very yummmy....

The trick to whether it is ripe and ready for picking is to check the tendril and the little 'spoon' leaf which grow right near the melon.  If they are wizzened and dry then the melon is ready for cutting.  Thank you to everyone who gave advice... all very welcome and very useful.

And now we are two very happy farmers!  We only have one watermelon plant this year, we planted three but only one survived.  Our first melon we picked too soon, this is the second one... there is one more just starting to grow.  This one was so good we just dived into it with spoons.  There is nothing quite like a watermelon on a very hot day.

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