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Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Figs are Coming!

Taken us a bit by surprise this year.  Not sure why that should be, when I looked back they were ripening at this time last year.

The purple ones were later to ripen last year and here they are, some of them already ready for eating.

I don't think there are as many figs this year and there are certainly more birds around and the fig canons from our neighbours not so frequent or so loud.  I made some coconut milk and fig ice lollies this morning, if they turn out well (fingers are crossed) I shall post the recipe on the food from the finca page.

We are starting to eat fresh figs on a daily basis, some with breakfast... some at lunch with cheese and ham but we don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for them as last year.  At any rate it will be a relief not to have so many fresh figs hanging around.  Steve is planning to make some fig wine with fresh figs even though all the recipes he has calls for dried ones.  I plan to dry a few for my own use - figgy pudding come Christmas (with our own home grown goose for main course) - and then the rest will be left to dry on the trees and then taken to the co-operative in September.  If there are any left after the birds, the hens and the geese and the ants have finished with them.  (I don't mind really.... there should be enough for everyone!)

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