Against All Odds

Well would you believe it!  The morning after the storm and the makeshift cardboard box hotel for the baby bee-eaters... we discovered the geese trying to dismantle the cardboard box nest.  So we spent several anxious hours keeping the geese away and keeping an eye on the chicks.

The parents finally turned up but they didn't seem to want to feed the chicks... they just sat on the fence and called to them and then swooped and swirled around the area calling loudly.

The chicks moved to the entrance of the box and just sat there.  At least they had survived the night.  We watched for most of the day, seeing mummy bee-eater feed them only once.  She didn't go into the box but handed the insects over at the entrance.  Finally we realised what she was doing.  She was trying to encourage the chicks to fly.  Then....  off they flew.  First one, then the other.

We jumped around with excitement for a while and then dismantled the box and took it away.  Huge hats off to the microwavable elephant for keeping the chicks warm that first night and totally saving their lives!


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